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To get the most out of your tutoring experience, I find that in addition to bringing questions to the table, having a regular tutoring schedule greatly enhances learning and effectiveness. That way we can keep up with what you're having trouble with or excelling in and can pick up from week to week. It gives the regular feedback to students and also allows the tutor to hone in on areas and keep you one step ahead. You may want to consider this as you sign up for sessions. WyzAnt even offers a special savings that supports this approach. It saves you money and also optimizes your tutoring experience. A 6-session package already provides savings and can help you get the most out of your tutoring. Then you can decide if you're good or want a little more help :)! from Julia :)

So School is now well on its way ... You're enjoying your new friends, getting back into the swing of things, but maybe struggling a bit in an area? Maybe starting a new language or picking up with your skills from last year? Do you need a refresher or just a little quick-start to get you to the top of your game and help you to feel comfortable and confident in class? There's nothing like a little extra help to gain the confidence you need. You'll enjoy class more and won't have to struggle so much over your homework ~ it will come naturally & save you time :). Having the extra support of a knowledgeable Tutor will help you reach your goals and will also help you to learn language in a way that will last :) (At least if you go with me ... ;). So if this describes you, please pick up the phone or shoot me an email. I look forward to it! Merci! Julia G.

Summer is a great time for lots of fun things! Going swimming, meeting up with friends, taking a trip ... and why not learning a new language? Have you always wanted to learn a language? Summer is a great time to get a headstart. Invite a friend and do it together. Learn a language (German or French :)) by learning as you learned your first language! Immersion - Conversation - Matching images and context to sounds and words -- It's a great way to start your summer and gain a new skill that is fun AND useful! :) Or are you a student who has been taking French or German for school? In that case ... take a little break... & then catch up in summer! Just a few times a week or a regular session throughout the summer can make a big difference! Then you can start out the school year ahead & feel good about being in class and understanding :) Just a few Tips for Summer Fun (& learning :))! Have a great ONE :) JG

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