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On the first question, I believe C would be more appropriate because the question asks about the development of the ideas. Therefore, I believe that making sure each paragraph is related to the main idea would be the correct choice. However, I do think that organization is really important as...


If the author is a student, he/she may be expelled from the school (university) or have the integrity issue in their permanent record. I think it would be almost impossible for this student to get into graduate school if he/she has had issues with plagiarism.   In America it is a serious...


When I think about learning English as a second language, there are several tools I like to use. Some of them are linked with vocabulary acquisition, some of them are related to grammar, some of them are for writing.   I usually browse the internet whenever I need help, but we need to be really careful with the information we find online; some of them may be wrong.   The... read more