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Summer Vacation - Time to Study

Are you sitting by the pool with your feet up every day? Working a summer job to pay for penny candy and movie shows? (Yes, I know penny candy costs a dollar now.) The summer is closer to being over than you think. Now would be a good time to start studying for the SAT or any other test you have coming up in the fall. You do not have to study all summer long, but get into the practice of doing... read more


10-(2x-1)=3-3x (answer)

Hi Clifford. When there is a negative sign in front of parenthese like that, it really stands for -1. Imagine there is a -1 in front. You have to distribute it within the parentheses. 10-(2x-1)=3-3x 10-1(2x-1)=3-3x When you distribute the -1, you get this: 10-2x+1=3-3x Note...


Preparing for Test Day: Practice Test Tips

One way you can be very well prepared to tackle your exam is by taking practice tests. You probably already knew this. However, here is something you might not have known. The best way to do the practice tests is to replicate real testing conditions as much as possible. In other words, wherever you take a practice test, try to make that space feel like the testing environment. This is very... read more


Visualization: One Key to Acing Your Exam

One key to success when you are preparing for your standardized test - or any test, for that matter - is to use visualization exercises. This may seem unscientific, and perhaps it is, but it is a techniques used by athletes, business professionals and successful test takers the world over. Many of my students have benefited from this type of exercise, saying it helped them settle their minds... read more


Preparing for the SAT: Three tips

When you are preparing for the SAT, remember three key elements that will help you achieve your success: 1. Know the material. Okay, this is obvious. It helps to know the material to answer the questions accurately. However, even with limited knowledge of the material you can... 2. Go in with a strategy. Yes, these are supposedly standardized tests, but they are not perfect. They... read more