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Direct Current (DC) Power is becoming more prevalent in providing power to residential, commercial, and industrial systems. Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems and some Wind Turbine Systems implements DC power. Some Wind Turbines implements the use of Alternating (AC) generators However, some Wind Turbines implements DC generators. These turbines requires the use of an Invertor. The Invertor converts DC to AC Power for use in an AC power system. Solar PV Systems also consist of an invertor to convert DC Power to AC power. However, the by using an invertor power is loss in the conversion from DC to AC. Therefore, this power loss is eliminated if DC power is used directly. More and more innovation ways are being developed that directly uses the DC power that is generated from Solar PV and Wind Turbines. HVAC systems implementing DDC controls can implement the DC power for its controls. Furthermore, with many electronic products (i.e TVs, computers, mobile phone chargers,... read more

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