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Ten years ago, my Arabic teacher told me a fact. I did not see how important it was until I needed to act upon it. She said, and I quote here, "Do not worry about the big stuff, the small things that count." I honestly thought about the message she was trying to send to her students. It wasn't only about the class. It was about life in general. Every simple details matters. And if we take care of small stuff and the big matters will take care of themselves. Also we should not need to comprise our standards. For if a person thinks differently then probably they need to reconsider how we appreciate life for what it is. Learning a language can be hard... But only if you believe it is hard. On the other hand, if you believe working hard would get you what you deserve and will surely lead you to achieve your goals in life, then we are on the right track. Let's keep it that way everybody and good luck to all.

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