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I would just like to take the time to let any potential students know that I am registers with The State of Florida Department of Education as well as Brevard County School Board and if needed I can and will provide a copy of my Status of Eligibility to help provide my students with the assurance that I am qualified to work with them. As many do, during these economic times I also work a steady job outside of my educational career field to provide for my child and family. I am also in my senior year of my second Master's degree Program, studying Education with a specialization in higher learner. For the safety of both my students and myself I prefer to meet with students in public places such as libraries, parks etc. If their is another place in which you would prefer to meet which is equally considered to be a safe place please let me know and we can make arrangements. If you are a student that prefers to work through simulations, multimedia formats and the computer,... read more

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