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One of the most confusing topics in learning Spanish is the difference between "ser" and "estar." Both verbs mean "to be," but when do I use each one? This acronym will take away all the confusion! SER = DOCTOR D-Description (e.g. Las manzanas son rojas. "The apples are red.") O-Occupation (e.g. Tú eres mi maestra. "You are my teacher.") C-Characteristics (e.g. Yo soy muy alto. "I am very tall.") T-Time (e.g. Son las 2 de la tarde. "It is 2 o'clock in the afternoon.") O-Origin (e.g. Mis padres son de México. "My parents are from Mexico.") R-Relationship (e.g. Nosotros somos mejores amigos. "We are best friends.") ESTAR = PLACE P-Position (e.g. Estoy acostada. "I am laying down." L-Location (e.g. Dónde estás? "Where are you?") A-Action (e.g. Estamos jugando fútbol. "We are playing soccer.") C-Condition (e.g. Está...

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