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It is imperative as a student to develop good study skills. As you progress through your education it will be more and more difficult to rely strictly on your teacher to provide you with all the knowledge you will need to excel in the class. You must begin to take ownership of your education in order to be successful. This becomes very evident as the student moves into AP classes and undergraduate studies. Below are some helpful tips for how to improve your studying and increase your effectiveness as you study: 1) Read your text book - Whether it is social studies or math it is important to read your text book. I'm not just talking about jumping to the bolded or highlighted text or the boxed out equations. I mean read it, cover to cover. You will be surprised how much information is in there to help explain so many of your questions. All you have to do is have the patience to sit and read. Your homework isn't going anywhere and if you spend a few extra minutes reading before... read more

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