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Just for the record, I have over twenty years of programming experience. I don’t consider myself to be an authority on programming concepts or theory, though. The idea of this blog, and any future blog posts, is really to convey some key “practical” programming, database, and/or systems design concepts to those I am tutoring - or anyone else interested enough that happens to read this blog. Also, please keep in mind, I was not an English major in college, so please excuse any lack of poetic license I use in writing this blog. Well, here we go…. A popular anecdote relating to the integrity of data has always been "garbage in, garbage out." This has existed since the inception of computers and the software created to run on them. In the earlier days of computing, prior to CRTs, data validations were usually performed in overnight batch processing that generated reports for "humans" to review the next day. The data entry clerks could then make any... read more

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