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My background is fine arts and design but in the last years I also teach Spanish as a private tutor and I enjoy it very much! I am a native Spanish Speaker from Costa Rica and a mother of identical twin boys, they speak Spanish fluently, Now I am teaching them how to read simple sentences and how to write. One of my passions is to design games so I decided to create my own Spanish games (hopefully some day I can publish them as a book). One of my students always ask me at the end of the class - Are we playing a game today... I have to save 15 to 20 minutes of each class to play a game with him… I believe that games and activities are great way to encourage students to learn a new language. Also they help teachers to have interactive classes and complement the use of text books. My games usually are short and the students have to say Spanish sentences related to the material covered in the class. But I know that they enjoy the games as much as I do... Ingrid V. Spanish... read more

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