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Have you ever thought of participating in a tutoring session via online video chat? It seems that our technological advances have forever changed the preconceived notions of how different tasks are completed. For example, entire degree programs at many universities are provided completely online. The students and faculty only communicate via email or the virtual classroom's discussion board... read more

Ever been at your computer with the motivation to work on schoolwork, research the topic for your next paper or presentation, and complete the discussion board posts for the week and then find yourself engulfed in social media for hours, having not completed any of the aforementioned tasks? This has been referred to as the "Facebook Effect" and is merely a recognition of technology's... read more

When writing an essay there are many requirements from the instructor on how to format your work, whether the assignment should be written in the first, second, or third person, and even the parameters with which to write. The words "style" and "format" are often confused due to these requirements. I hope this helps clear things up a bit. Style refers to the actual... read more

Have you ever experienced "writer's block"? Most students have, but how can you overcome this crippling condition when your paper is due so soon? I have researched many methods to prevent and overcome writer's block for my personal benefit as a student. The differing methods are focused for different writers and learning styles. For instance, the student who spends a great deal... read more

We are all very familiar with the ways our teachers presented material during grade school and high school, but were the presentation methods ever in line with your learning style? All too often a student's learning style is over-looked for a myriad of reasons. Interestingly enough, though your instructor may not teach to your specific learning style, you can effectively take notes that are... read more