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Alfreda N.'s Resources


"My First Scrapbook"

I affectionately refer to my tutoring student as "my little boy", when I'm at home--due to confidentiality rules of not disclosing personal info about our student's lives. His mom thinks that this name is "so cute, I like that", she said. (Besides, he reminds me of my two sons when they were each 9 years old and in 4th grade!) This week student A. M. already had his awards... read more


"I Really Love Signing"

It seems as though every week my student has something exciting to tell me about his life. He is involved in many extra-curricular activities. He is a Boy Scout, he takes Karate classes, he goes skating on the weekends, he's an inventor, and he is learning to speak Spanish. I'm sure his list goes on and on. This 4th grader is very driven to achieve. He really wants to do his very best in his... read more


Student Wins 'Boy Scout' Car Design Contest

The minute I walked into my student's home, he ran to get his wooden, green race car & beautiful trophy that he had won over the weekend. He placed 2nd out of his entire boy scout troop for having one of the best designed cars & for it's speed in finishing their race. He really talked fast & used correct sentences as he excitedly told me how he had drawn his sleek-looking race car,... read more


Happy Student!

Day 1-Student's mom had mentioned to me, over the phone, about some of her son's interests. I wanted to know some background info on his likes & dislikes, especially so I could plan some 'ice-breakers' to use & to be able to include some of the info in our "getting to know you" introductory conversation & activities. We worked on comprehending the 5Ws. For homework, I... read more