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Persistance pays off!

I am so excited! I just got the good news that my newest student who has previously done poorly in her math exams got an 84- and I only spent an hour with her! I realized during our tutoring session that she was not getting how to solve signed number equations. After I showed her how to solve a few examples I had her do a few by herself. I then asked her why the answer was wrong or right- she stated that she did not know. This bothered me for the sole reason that she has not been taught to reason things out. This is a critical skill to obtain if you are to do well in ANY math class. Now I understand why students have no love for math-it is extremely frustrating for them! Now I digress. I realized that something drastic must be done in order for her to at least 'pass' the exam. I suggested that the parents create flashcards that show a problem on one side and a step by step solution on the back. I then scoured the internet looking for interactive websites that presented... read more

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