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This “7’s” questions are designed to confuse in every way imaginable AND in ways unimaginable. Success can be attained by cultivating the calm poise of an Olympian. This includes learning to anticipate challenging questions. Some questions will have no clearly superior answer, but may be testing your ability at choosing between the slightest of nuances. One must never be permitted to be thrown off-balance. TIME MANAGEMENT. Most important, never permit yourself to be sent into combat endlessly for the best answer. This is NOT a heavily-paid prizefight. The 7 IS an obstacle-laden marathon where momentum must never be lost or the exam won’t have a successful outcome. Managing your time is a vital part of the 7’s success formula. If an average of 1.6 minutes can be devoted per question, your mind and responses must be of a sprinter running a marathon. "Expensive" questions, IE those you know will take more than 1.6 minutes, must be skipped until after initially... read more

A successful writer employs language elements, from phrases to words to letters, even punctuation— as symphony composers use, every conceivable orchestral sound producing source.

For the most successful and enriching experiences between tutors, coaches, mentors, educators and students, consider implementing the wisdom presented by Deepak Chopra in his book, Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. His comment was brief and simple, yet much thought must be made for a successful outcome. "Determine what you are best in the world at. Bring it to those needing it the most in the world." If this guideline is followed, can ANYONE not benefit with this WIN-WIN approach?

Though new to WyzAnt, I have been coaching people on wellness issues since the 1980s. I do not diagnose or treat people, strongly suggesting they find specialists in appropriate specialties. The following testimonial is from one of my better student experiences. It vividly illustrates how coaching can indeed dramatically improve a person's life. I hope it inspires each reader. "It’s hard believing I struggled using a wheelchair, crutches and cane from age 38 to 45, while raising and helping support three young children. I suffered many years of searing muscular pain and debilitation. Finally I received an accurate diagnosis: severe fibromyalgia. After trying everything imaginable I learned Jay tutored people in wellness basics for overcoming challenging cases untreatable elsewhere. Jay sent me links from credible sources to learn what to expect on each step of the way. Within 10 days of starting my wellness program, I started feeling better. Unexpectedly,... read more

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