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Chava D.'s Resources


Removing Backgrounds - A Creative Method

Once you start exploring Photoshop, you'll realize that removing image backgrounds is a crucial skill to mastering the program. This can be done using several tools, but there are also other ways. One of the more advanced techniques is to use a Brightness/Contrast Adjustment Layer. This is a good option, for example, when you have an image with silhouettes that you're trying to isolate from... read more


Proper Handling of Photoshop Files

Saving Files - When and How Imagine creating your first complex project in Photoshop, like a collage. You work for about an hour, carefully arranging and editing your images, but you don't remember to save the file. All of a sudden, the program crashes and all your work is lost. Make it a practice to save Photoshop files about every 10 minutes, so that this common occurrence, known to all... read more