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As a writing teacher at both the college and HS level, I have many parents and students ask- What do I have to do to make my son or daughter a better writer? The first thing you have to be aware of is that all standardized exams expect that your student has read the grade levels required novels. Make sure to check on your states grade level required reading list. For example a HS student in California is expected to know and have read all or most of these classic novels: Dracula, Johnny Got His Gun, and The Great Gatsby. The SAT and AP exams will often include snippets of each or readings in a similar genre which refer to them. It is important for the writer to have these as a point of reference. What should I know about these required novels? 1) famous quotes from each and who said them 2) important details and descriptions about the main characters 3) analyze and understand the authors purpose 4) think about the cues in each author's work that tell the reader... read more

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