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Recently I was working with a high school student. A brilliant high school student. She had excellent grip on math but was struggling with physics. This student was making the same mistake that countless students make across the world - equating physics with a bunch of mathematical equations. Hey, physics students! Math is a tool that physicists use. Know your math well as a workman can only work as well as he knows his tools but a workman who knows everything about using his tools and stops at that is not worth much. In order to utilize his knowledge of tools, he needs to go out and build something. The whole purpose of physics is not to be able to solve equations but understand physical events that happen. Let me give an example: Consider the equation: v(f) = v(i) + at where v(f) = final velocity v(i) = initial velocity a = acceleration and t = time This equation is the story of an object that is moving with constant acceleration... read more

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