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Consuela Thea Has A Middlendorf Range

Hello,      If you know that the middle number of a range of numbers that are consecutive is always the average, then you won't need this mnemonic boost. But if you have a gross of  problems and an exam, you will want to have several English phrases to help you find needed steps for applications.       This morning in a lesson, I put together... read more


In My Spare Time I Write. Do You?

                                                   We Have Recognized Our Salvation                                             ... read more


How Much Communicating

     I keep my communication outside of in-person lessons directed toward the benefit of the student/parent. When I respond to an inquiry for tutoring, I normally mention that I will give a 15% discount at the start of the 25th hour in addition to the 15% discount Wyzant offers for buyers who purchase hours by the bulk. I communicate to students/parents when holiday times... read more


Tools Good For Many Trades

As a tutor, I enjoy the use of coloring pencils because they effectively help students to find their way through steps I give them in their lessons. I also like them because they help me with my hobby of drawing. I just posted in my photos section a part of a picture I just finished. For I used ceramic candleholders, a blue bird and a yellow bird, to draw the birds and then used my sky... read more


I Went to More Than School

QUESTION: "How should students prepare to go back to school if they only have a few minutes to spare each day? Say goodbye daily to your former dolors, compunction and indolence so that your aura reveals that you put your best self forward while outside of your home and in organizations. You will more likely meet your goals and survive any situations that aren't win-win. Join an organization... read more


Higher Level Math Question---> Russian Lucky Numbers?! (answer)

Let first number of {} = 26 and add 13 to every number after 26 stopping at 52, and eliminate any number not ending in an even integer and ending in 0 to get the sum set. Stop at 998 to get 52 as the sum of each 3-number sets. 52/13= 4. There is just 26,39, and 52 as possibilities. 998+998=52...


Figuring Percentages Abstractly and Methodically Too

The word problem I liked from either one of my trusty text books or a website and that I bring each time to lessons describes a $400.00 flute in a music store that has a 10% discount on it. Then there is a back-to-school sale at which time 15% is taken off of the discounted price of the flute. The girl buys the flute and for which price? A. 270.00 B. 300.00 C. 306.00 D... read more


Let's Talk About Substitutions For Standard Approaches

It was quite easy to deduce. Dressing foods daily with butter will send a body's cholesterol out of safe bounds. A simple sweet potato without any cholesterol should be kept pleasurable to the mind with an accompaniment of something other than butter. You saw my Elf's Shoe. If you will consider my original offering of refried beans (zero cholesterol) and a packet of Stevia mixed with mashed... read more


New Orleans An Affluent Hub

Once again in 2013 I'm seeking long term projects, annual pleasurable events, and investment payoffs in New Orleans. This city is a hub of business, worldly architecture, and education. When I acknowledge that I'm not affluent enough to take faraway trips, I have only to alight from the magical trolleys to traipse through the neighborhoods steeped in worldly roots to experience euphoria much... read more



Students can benefit by realizing that when they are typing in Word if they press on the right mouse button, a shortcut menu drops down inside of the document. It is serving as a food server might and is there to ask you, "What do you need?". You can look at the short cut menu and ask it to paste, cut, copy, number, etc. for you. Select with your left mouse button what it is you wish... read more


Interns, Educators, and the Aspiring

I combined eight subjects to complete a home-shopping website to post online. If you are a business, creative design, or writing student, you may wish to approach your professors to ask if they would give you credit for this website that you create by using the skills you learn from me and utilizing the subjects above. You will be provided with a template that may take you independently too... read more


I'll Never Forget Dinners You Prepare

Hi, you have undoubtedly heard of Shepherd's Pie. But perhaps you have yet to create original concoctions and make names that are a household name. Maybe there is just the contest prize to look forward to winning unless you market your ideas. For example, I recently contacted a restauranteur/business man to inquire if he could agree with my idea of The Elves Shoes as the name of a roadside... read more


On Your Own Terms

Hi, yesterday my General Computer student remarked that my chosen, original term for the two curled blue forward-back arrows on the top of the screen, our Positional Directional Manipulation Arrows sounded so informative that it could be published in a book. We chuckled, and I explained our WyzAnt blog was available for the term to be placed and maybe some company would use it. The big terms... read more


Louisiana Department of Education

You know if you have been following my blog that I took one Praxis exam while living in Waveland, MS. It's May 2013 and about eight months ago I began commuting to New Orleans weekly to participate in a vocal and bells choir. I started my trousseau in Waveland during the last four months of that time period. Last weekend I was given passing results on the Praxis 2 exam. Thanks to Kelly Educational... read more


Redoing what a manufacturer has done

Have you planned something to do this summer that will last beyond the summer? What about getting some friends together and getting together with me for lessons in hand-stitching? You can use the skills and ideas I give you to improve your wardrobe, save money, attract friends that have lucrative habits, and enjoy what you are doing for a lifetime. Yes sewing may or may not earn money for you,... read more


The GMAT If You Want To Be A Manager

Hello, Did it ever occur to you that you might like to have a position that requires multitasking and supervision? In the job market, you will find that you often rely on skills you learned long ago in addition to ones you have recently acquired. You are combining wisdom and perseverance. By staying abreast of cutting-edge technology and career decisions in the stories of others, you can... read more


Making Exciting Collages

COLLAGES! Today in this county our most marvelous friends to dogs, the Sea Coast Echo, Hancock Animal Shelter, Red Cross, and some more sponsors hosted the annual Barktoberfest at the Depot to benefit the Hancock Animal Shelter. I had just bought a cellular phone accessory for my cell camera last night and was extremely fortunate to have done so. This morning when the blustery weather influenced... read more



A student and I recently reviewed some poetry intended for 6th graders. To analyze Robert Frost's Stopping by the Woods and Woman Work by Maya Angelou, I introduced some techniques to her. We studied standard techniques used by poets and then I had her locate them in the poems. We started with the quatrain, and she found those easily. Next, she saw the need for and perfection of the couplet... read more

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