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Bridging the Summer Gap

Hello! As summer vacation is quickly approaching, be on the lookout for programs that will help your child bridge the summer gap between grades. Although summer is a much needed break for students and teachers, this time away from the classroom can help or hurt your student in terms of academics when they return to school in the Fall. Many hours are given to video games, playing outside, and staying up late during the summer months. This is a great time for your children to relax, but it is also a way to hinder their minds. If children are doing activities that don't engage their brains, they will lose an ample amount of information that they learned in school the year before. As a teacher, I can honestly say that days, even weeks are wasted at the beginning of the school year having to re-teach concepts that the students were taught the prior year. The concepts are not re-taught because the students don't know the information, they just have simply forgotten it over the... read more

Practice, Practice, Practice

As a reading / language arts teacher, many of my students struggle with reading and reading comprehension. I first started my career in my current school district by tutoring struggling readers. I know it may sound mundane, but reading is just like anything else; the more you practice at it, the better you become. Students on average, should be reading thirty or more minutes a night. Some students are overwhelmed because they have to read so much at school that they don't want to read in their free time, but again, they will never get better at reading, or comprehending what they read without extra practice. Also, finding books on your child's reading level is also extremely helpful, especially if they are struggling readers. When you go to the library, or book store to get reading material for your children, check the books' Lexile, or reading level. The easiest way to do this is to use You just type in the book that you are interested in and it gives you... read more

Tutoring 101

Hey all! I have been tutoring for about 5 years now, and just like any job, you learn what to do, and what not to do. First, get to know your clients! Getting to know the family that you are working for is one of the first things to do when being assigned to a new job. Building that relationship makes the family feel more comfortable with you, and from a tutors' perspective, it also makes your job easier (I speak from experience). Also, when you are comfortable with the family, it is easier to pitch ideas to them on how and what they can work on with their child during the week until you come back for another tutoring session. Keeping the parents involved and informed is key! Next, get to know your student! Just like getting to know the families, getting to know your student is a no brainer! What are their interests? What are they struggling with in school? What is their learning style? All of this information will help you understand that student, and their specific... read more

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