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Yes, if WyzAnt had a scheduling calendar option, That would be great. But, more helpful for me, would be to have the option to post my available days and times. That would save students and parents time to email me, and other tutors. Please bring that back. Thanks WyzAnt for listening, Teresa

I've recently been asked about an option or two for young learners learning Spanish. Well besides some songs from Dora, did you know that Sesame Street is available on Sunday mornings on Spanish speaking TV stations throughout the USA? The show is all in Spanish and they show the words (like toca los tamborinos), act out the meanings and a young child may find it very easy to learn Spanish. It shows in California at 8 and sometimes 9 am. You can also go to the Plaza Sesamo website: If you then click ninos (means kids in Spanish) you can then see Grover talking. Click vamos to start, it is all in Spanish, so I can help as needed, no worries. You may also enjoy to review sesame stories, characters, etc. Enjoy, I like it since it makes learning fun.

I have taught English, Spanish and French for several years. I have found that it is so important to make the content student-centered and interesting to increase motivation for each and every student. So, when some history and English students were fortunate enough to go to Prague, I asked the students to research and present a 1 minute oral presentation for us (not the tour guide) on a topic they chose. Here is Evan in front of the very famous clock in downtown Prague, explaining the history, enjoy. My students also preferred to listen to their classmates throughout the trip, instead of just one voice.

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