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The 10 year boy seemed to be struggling in school. He was a social student and enjoyed being with his friends. He was struggling in school. His parents were struggling with solutions to helping their son improve his academics and behavior in class.   The boy and his family were out to dinner with a friend. He was a psychologist and had some deep insight into the characteristics... read more

Thanksgiving comes once a year, but for my family and I, it has been a year in the making. Many of us prepare for our family traditions: the turkey, potatoes, cranberries, and pies. Maybe a trip to a new exciting city, the Nutcracker ballet, or perhaps, to visit loved ones far and near. Thanksgiving reminds us to gather those we love, hold them tight for a moment and remember what is truly... read more

Have you ever looked out the window after a storm has just past? The moment between the darkness and light in the hidden blue sky? The contrast of billowing rain clouds, swirling between those hopeful piercing rays of light? It's magnificent; grand in splendor, as the brilliance of the sun is truly magnified by its opposite. Isn't life like this? The joy in the trial of life's storms. Since... read more

I often describe math to students as a "foreign language." Many of the terms and words are used to describe specific details that bring about the uniqueness of a concept that is being depicted through numbers. "Know the words," is what I say and suggest to students and parents to have a dictionary ready to look up even the simplest of words like, 'and, or, of, difference... read more

Do you remember that day when your life changed forever? What you were doing early in the morning and the unusual outfit you put together quickly, giving you a new look? Do you remember the people you were with and the sound of their voices when they said, hello?; the cheery inflection that makes them so special? Or, how you felt early Monday morning when you hear them talking with your husband... read more

Everyone knows what the center of the wheel looks like; small centrally located circle, with spokes connecting it to the outer rim, propelling the wheel in motion; direction; progress. Each part needs the other, of course, to work. You can go far on a wheel that works! Putting the obvious aside, I often see my students as the center of the wheel, supported by the spokes of parent(s), family,... read more

Several years back, my babysitter for my children introduced me to a woman who lived down the street from us. She was a sweet and beautiful grandmother who was just welcoming her daughter back home to stay with her for a while. Her daughter had two children, 5 and 11, both girls. The five year old was diagnosed with Austism at the age of three. She didn't speak much and didn't speak at all... read more