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As most Illinois tutors, teachers, parents, and students are aware: the ISAT state testing is rapidly approaching. While the ISAT tests begin in grade 3 and continues up through the grades, it is perhaps the students in 3rd grade that are the most challenged. As they are introduced to standardized testing with an extended response writing format, test anxiety begins to soar. I have a few tips for students and parents to keep the test anxiety in check: 1. Rest well! We hear this time and time again but, science holds true to the notion that your brain and body functions better when you are well rested. 2. Eat Breakfast! If your parents or your school provides you breakfast-even though it may not be an egg McMuffin-still gobble it down! Your body is like a car and it needs food to go just like a car needs gas. Be sure to eat about an hour before you take your test to give your body plenty of time to revv up. 3. Take a deep breath in and blow it back out! I... read more

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