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Parents: Why not, on the first day of school - and the last day of school, serve ice cream for breakfast? The first day of school should be celebrated! And, yes, I think that you should also serve something else - first! Here are some ideas for protein and Vitamin C. Upon awakening: Orange juice - or Pineapple! While getting dressed: Have a "square" of... read more

Summer should be fun! Time to wind down, relax, be with friends, go to your fav waterpark or wave pool, and take a family vacation - even if it is just a "staycation" at a local hotel with a pool and an elevator and a great breakfast buffet! For many kids, it is also a chance to explore a new interest, (specialty camps such as drama, art, cooking,) or to hone a skill, (soccer or... read more

It is a privilege to work with international students; I wonder if they will take part of my teaching with them back to their countries and teach others - just one thing - that I have taught them. I hope so! As well as the short term goal(s) of learning English well enough to pass a course, get into graduate school, or just have a more meaningful exchange with peers, I am hopeful that learning... read more

A popular TV commercial tells us how to take "Stephen" - pronounced STEVE uhn to "Stephen" pronounced Ste FAHN." Same spelling, same amount of letters, but more pizzazz... or style... (or something to that effect!) I was reminded of this one week ago when a shy third grader - who needs help in reading - asked me about something I had just read to him. Almost inaudibly,... read more

If your child is in elementary school, you may wish to evaluate his academic needs before scheduling camp, special interest classes and your family vacations. Then, plan accordingly. How do you know if your child needs "academics" this summer? And, how do you plan around the fun you want him or her to have? Three EZ things! 1) Is your child up with his peers -... read more