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A classroom teacher's instructional needs in any given class vary widely. As a result, most teachers develop advance sills in meeting each student where he or she is at, offering well-planned lessons that suit a broad spectrum of learning styles. Also, "teachers present a more formal, standardized curriculum focused on exposing students to specific, mandated academic standards" (Micheal D. S. Adviser, Strategist, Writer, Educator). Tutors work individually or with a small group of students combining their knowledge of subjects with learning techniques to improve the skill level of the students. The goal of the tutor is to help students explain and break down concepts of the work that is presented in the classroom. The goal of the tutor is to first asses where the student are academically and then improve their knowledge and ability through services that they offer. Teachers and tutors are both valuable to the education of students. While a teacher gives instruction... read more

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