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I primarily tutor math students and I have found it helpful to post a web site that has interactive math programs as well as mathematical links and other tools that can help math students. It benefits a math teacher who has programming skills to display those skills to society and let their students know that they are actively engaged in the pursuit of mathematical knowledge. My web site contains a lot of interactive Java programs to display math concepts as well as a Java chemistry program that has been downloaded by thousands of students. By spending many years creating this program and website, I have greatly sharpened my logical skills. I am currently building a library of TI83 programs that are short enough to be typed in by hand. Most web sites only provide special files to download the programs and they require special hardware and software that a lot of students do not have or know how to use. I actually want to give short listings so people can see how the programs... read more

After tutoring a student for 20 or so sessions on the math SAT I am learning that this test checks mathematical maturity and it is not easy to make a high score without a lot of preparation. One thing that makes a big difference is recognizing that a lot of questions require you to write down an algebraic equation and then solve for one or two unknowns. It helps to have a lot of experience with solving algebra word problems. Trigonometry is not heavily required but you do need to know the Pythagorean theorem and the distance formula for the distance between two points on a Cartesian coordinate system. Something that seems to pop up a lot requires factoring numbers into their primes and solving problems related to consecutive integers. You need to know how to deal with changes in areas and volumes when they vary as the square and cube of their radius or edge. It helps to understand that when you increase X by 5% that is the same as multiplying it by 1.05. You need to know how... read more

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