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It's important to be prepared for school every day. It's sort of like going to work, with one small difference. You don't get a paycheck at the end of the week or the end of a two-week period. Granted, there are going to be some of you that will be more prepared than others. This is the group that I want to address. First off... 1. Unless your teacher assigns seats, sit in front of... read more


More State of the Union

I hope that everyone is well and paying attention in class. Today I want to discuss further and briefly the State of the Union Address that will be on tv tonight. Many of you know that the president does this every year. But did you know that the State of the Union is required by the Constitution? Article 2, Section 3 of the Constitution says: "He shall from time to time give to the... read more


State of the Union

Class, a reminder that President Obama will give the State of the Union speech Wednesday night. This is an important speech for the nation and the Obama administration. Don't just think of it as a speech. Think of it as a report card for the nation. Both members of the House and Senate will be there as well several key cabinet members, with the exception of one person. That one person is... read more