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Oh no she didn't. Oh yes she did! Last night, I taught a student how to structure a paper on the impact of global trade routes using the structure of the movie Dirty Dancing as a guide for the paper. Some may say this was definitely an alternative teaching method, but it got the student excited and she understood the structure of the paper and what she needed to do. The assignment for the paper was to set up what global trade looked like around 1450, how global trade started happening and what were the results of global trade. I could tell this student was not super excited this paper, but I realized that this paper could be structured just like one of her favorite movies. Once we found a few movies we both love (Forrest Gump, Clueless (please don't judge) and Dirty Dancing), we decided which one had a similar structure to the assignment of the paper and went from there. Here's how the paper should be structured and the parallels to the movie: Set... read more

Safety is something that should be considered a top priority in teaching and tutoring. In this post, I'm going to address both physical and emotional safety for both the tutor and the student. Physical Safety I'm a firm believer that the first meeting with a student should be held in a public place. While WyzAnt does a good job of making sure they have contact info for both parties, you can never be too careful. I find that coffee shops and libraries are the best places for the first (and often future) meetings. Meeting in a public place lets you be seen and as a tutor, you don't need to know the student's address if the relationship won't work out. I do not give out my home address to students. I have never had a problem asking a student to meet in a public place for the first meeting and in most cases, the students are very happy to hear that I am working to ensure safety. Emotional Safety This is a safety measure that's very important to take. Simple... read more

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