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I think you are talking in terms of hybridization.   Lets look at organic chemistry and the bonds between two carbons.  A single bond is referred to as sigma bond.  If we look at the number of valance electrons in carbon there would be four 2 in the 2S and 2 in the 2P level,...

Are we talking about cooking with ingredients?  In which case you could use a kitchen balance which should measure either grams (metric) or pounds and ounces (imperial).  Alternatively the cup measurements are very popular in the USA. (1 cup, 0.5 cups etc) combined with teaspoons (tsp)...

OH NO, I am not allowed a calculator on the MCAT!!! If you reading this you have probably completed all the general requirements to take the MCAT. Thinking back over your semesters of chemistry you would of used your calculator a lot to complete the math problems ranging from the basics of stoichiometry to the complex problems of solving the pH of a weak acid. You may be wondering how on... read more

Congratulations, you have made it through two semesters of general chemistry, next stop organic chemistry. You are worried, you have heard that organic chemistry is really hard and you are wondering what you really need to know from general chemistry to make things easier. The good news for some is most of the math is not required in o-chem. There are many concepts that carry forward from general... read more

Students often ask why is Organic Chemistry so hard? Often they have friends who, although are usually all round A students, have failed organic chemistry. This is a subject like no other, it is not a subject that a student can simply learn the facts and quote them back in an exam. Students often think if they memorize all the facts they can not go wrong. I also get asked why is there so much... read more