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The Influence of a Teacher

No one can tell how long a teacher’s words or actions survive in a student’s mind. I have had several careers including process engineer, systems analyst, computer instructor, convention manager, teacher and now tutor. As I prepare a lesson for one of my students, I recall all the poems I learned in high school from Miss Mosca many years ago! These poems are like old friend and become vivid and alive as I reread them. I have asked my student to compare Carl Sandburg’s poem The Fog with Omar Kayham’s poem about the break of day (Awake) from The Rubiayat. The imagery in both poems is spectacular as one envisions a cat as the fog creeping around observing the city while the Sun portrayed as a hunter throws a lasso around the Sultan’s Turret. The Fog goes from shadow to clearing similar to the dawn breaking over an ancient city with a Sultan’s Turret. That I can clearly remember and also treasure these poems is a great tribute to Miss Mosca’s ability... read more

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