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Solving 5x^2+13x-6? (answer)

Courtnee, First we need to determine which factors of 5 and 6 subtract to 13: Factors of 5: 5 and 1 Factors of 6: 3 and 2, 6 and 1 Since we are trying to get to 13, I am focusing on the first pair that can get me greater than 13: 5*3=15, which leaves me with 1*2=2 15-2=13...


Phyllis invested 57000 dollars, (answer)

Treena, For this problem, we need to use the basic interest formula, I=Prt (Interest equals principal multiplied by rate multiplied by time). We are told that the investment is for 1 year (t) and that the interest is $3,290 (I). The concern is that there are two rates and we do not know how...


A man flies a small airplane from Fargo to Bismarck, North Dakota --- (answer)

Treena, This is another problem related to distance, so we will utilize the distance formula (d=rt). The issue with this problem is that there are two variables in relation to the rate. The first variable is the plane speed (r) and the second variable is the wind speed (w). We will first...


(13=3x(8=2)7^2 (answer)

Louis, There are a couple of concerns with the way that you typed the problem, since there is a missing parenthesis and the presence of two equal signs. I am sure that you meant the equal signs to be plus signs, so I will attempt to address the question.   If the problem is: ...


2[4-2(3-x)]-1=4[2(4x-3)+7]-25 (answer)

This is a question mostly of order of operations. I solve from the center out: 2[4-2(3-x)]-1=4[2(4x-3)+7]-25 2[4-6+2x]-1=4[8x-6+7]-25 2(2x-2)-1=4(8x+1)-25 4x-4-1=24x+4-25 4x-5=24x-21 (add 21 to both sides) 4x+16=24x (subtract 4x from both sides) 16=20x...