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As a lifelong trainer of professional adults, it came as quite a shock to be thrown into the arena of teaching English to young children. I thought I would hate it! But to my surprise, I have found the children a joy. Currently I have one five year old from Russia and a brother/sister ages five and seven from Argentina. They are all a delight. There are times when I am reminded about how much we take for granted as native English speakers. One day, I was explaining to my seven year old student from Argentina about the circus. She lined up all her stuffed animals for and "audience" and then proceeded to pretend to be the Ringmaster. She started out, "Gentleman and Ladies" ... I broke in and said, "No, No. It's Ladies and Gentleman." With a totally seriously look on her face she said, "Why?" I had not really thought about it before... other than the fact that in polite society, ladies are first! The English lessons I use are very... read more

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