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During the summer time my Spanish tutelage change from regular lessons at home to field trips, practice speaking and immersion -SOLE CONVERSATION/INTERACTION. I have several options depending on ages and interests. Zoo, Tube rides at near rivers, pool parties, or just park district pick nicks and walking in the forest. All offering speaking Spanish. They just loved it and our yearly routine change to Summer Spanish immersion. I care too much how my students feel and give more than I regularly offer.

As mother of two kids with native Spanish as first language, it was a challenge to have them learn English as a Second Language. I got here with a 5 and 8 years old kids. They both spoke Spanish but still "children's Spanish". Now the challenge of learning English would be my concern and many questions blew up my head: What about their Spanish, will they lost it, will they someday will be knowledgeable, they may learn how to speak “home Spanish”, but what about professional Spanish? Would that Spanish will help them to succeed in a labor world? How can I manage it? Will they be confused? After almost 5 years learning and studying in a non ESL program school, they definitely have been a sponge to get English, it is amazing how they talk with friends, read books in English but sadly try each day to avoid Spanish language. Big error if I consider they are right. If we have Spanish roots, we should demand them to continue speaking Spanish and to read as much as possible... read more

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