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The Italiano from Milan

After four emails over a month's time we decided to have our first meeting at Copperfield's bookstore in Santa Rosa. The gentleman was from Milan. He was formal when he wrote and very specific as to what classes he desired. We sat down at a table and faced each other. When he spoke, his Italian accent was so thick I could barely understand him. It seems that his English tutor in Milan was Irish with a brogue. This made every word additionally heavy with added syllables. I brightened when he told me about his homestay in the outskirts of Sebastopol. In his room in which he stayed at a goat farm, there had been a frog in his bathroom sink that morning. He was elated to describe this to me in English. After preceeding I noticed his notebook with graph paper lines and the long lists of English vocabulary words, neatly printed in columns. Our first meeting was a perfect location for him across from St. Eugene's Catholic church. He wished to attend mass every morning at 8:00... read more

I am a writer who teaches writing

As a credentialed school teacher I have seven years experience in the public classroom. But the best experience I have ever accumulated over my years on earth has been through travel. I have lived in Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, France and Italy. There are many opportunities for affordable travel. You do not have to be a millionaire to experience another culture outside of the United States. Simply put, you just need the desire to speak another language and absorb the language, music, history and customs of another country. This is more adequately done if you have a quest. Your quest might be to learn the music and dances of the country. This might lead you to understand a culture of the desert or the mountains. You might be interested in photographing the culture. Even this might segue to actually making a short documentary film among the people you are studying. My son just returned from Poland. He has traveled to Europe before. He visited all of western Europe... read more

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