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Ken B, who tutors mathematics, chemistry, physics, computers, and computer programming, both high school and college, and who works in the Houston and surrounding areas has just passed his 700th tutoring hour with WyzAnt. Ken has the exceptional gift to make it very clear so that when you finish you session(s) with him, that you thoroughly understand how to do the work on your own without his help.

Ken B. in Houston, Texas - known as the "Best Little Tutor In Texas" has surpassed another WyzAnt tutoring milestone by going over the 600th tutoring hour for WyzAnt. All subjects in mathematics and science, high school or college, are done by Ken except biology and biochemistry. Ken has now worked with many many students to help them work on their own and be able to do well on homework, basic studies, tests, and special projects. So, if you are in need of someone in Houston and the surrounding areas who can do all levels of mathematics, plus chemistry, physics, computers, and computer programming, Ken is the one to contact.

Ken B., in Houston, has help another MBA student surpass higher grades. He was studying Business Statistics at the graduate level, a difficult task. When first meeting with him his grades were suffering and I am proud to report that he received a 95 on his statistics course project, and 85 on the final exam, and a 94 for his course grade. He worked extremely hard over the past several weeks to achieve this. Congratulations Marquis. Ken "Best Little Tutor In Texas"

Ken B. in Houston, TX, known as "The Best Little Tutor In Texas" has completed yet another successful working relationship with a student taking an MBA statistic's course thru DeVry University. This level of statistics requites a copious degree of meticulousness to thoroughly work thru the problems. There is "no" room for error with the calculated and non-calculated results required in order to answer the problem(s) correctly. This particular student had 8 weeks of statistics but started to falter severely around week 4. Ken had to work hard to not only help him stay on top of current items being learned but also to be able to go back and learn previous concepts. Ken is proud to say that when he and his student took the final exam yesterday(3 hrs and 50 questions) that his student did extremely well and will probably receive at least an 85 on the final exam grade. This puts him in excellent position for successfully passing this advanced level of statistic's...

This was no small task. In less than 3 weeks, my student, Mildred, and I covered 9 chapters in statistics! She worked extremely hard and so did I. When I started with her, she was about 3 weeks behind schedule and only had 3 weeks to catch up, do the new chapters, complete 3 labs, and take the final. We took the final exam last Thurs. A.M. She is to be commended for her efforts and diligence and I was glad I could assist, direct, and help her do all the problems that needed to be done. She is now in an excellent position to take her last 2 graduate courses and graduate with her "Masters in Nursing". Ken. "Best Little Tutor In Texas"

I am fortunate to get another new job which requires using statistics and probability in an MBA program for what is referred to as "Business Decision Analysis". The difference between undergraduate statistics and graduate statistics is that undergrads learn and do a lot of the basic mechanics of statistics and probability, while graduates are assumed to know how to do that and are taught how to go further and use decision making tools to analyze and make major decisions based on all they calculated. It can be difficult and time consuming for the graduate students to do this nevertheless this is what they learn and do. My new student is doing just that and I will be assisting him in how to analyze and make these business decisions. This special new project will last about 4 or 5 weeks and it is forecasted that with what needs to be done, the time requirement will be perhaps ~20/week. All travel and time expenses are included. So...I will be very busy during the Xmas... read more

My new student and I are on a 3 week crash course to finish 8 chapters on statistics, and that is a substantial amount of work! We have to finish the problems on the computer first. Then we have to take the mastery test for each module/chapter. After that we have to do 3 major labs which are excel statistics problems. All of this work has to be done by Dec 16th! The probability of doing this has to be exactly 1! Ken "Best Little Tutor In Texas"

Ken B in Houston, Texas, better known as "The Best Little Tutor In Texas" has just surpassed the 500th hour of tutoring for WyzAnt. For any subject or combination of subjects dealing with mathematics, chemistry, physics, computers, and computer programming, he is the one-man-source. His diversified expertise and ability to simplify complex subject for students makes him a par-excellent source for student's studies.

I have just started a new student who attends Brenham College in Brenham, Texas. I will be teaching him a 'crash course' for all this college algebra during the next 4-6 weeks. He and I will be meeting 3 times a week to attain this goal. He will then be going back to school in January to academically excel with this knowledge. Ken "Best Little Tutor In Texas"

I have now started working with a student taking advanced engineering mathematics at Texas A&M. The course involves a lot of high-powered mathematics. Currently we are working on engineering probability and statistics. We just finished linear, Poisson, and exponential probability distributions and are proceeding to z and t calculations. Ken - "Best Little Tutor In Texas"

My current jobs include calculus-2, linear algebra, matlab programming, c-programming, pde's, some statistics, and some java programming. That is keeping me pretty busy to say the least. Ken "Best Little Tutor In Texas"

This work goes far beyond plain old diffyQ. I am helping a student with PDE's and Fourier Series. To do this all one's math, ie calculus and diffyQ, have to be perfect. One little problem in PDE can take 2-3 pages of intensive work to do in order to get to the final answer. One also has to be dedicated to learning it including being persistent and perseverant.

Ken B., known as "The Best Little Tutor In Texas", has just surpassed the 400 hour tutoring mark in Houston, Texas! What makes Ken so good and popular in Houston? It is because of his diverse background and of being able to do the following: mathematics, statistics, chemistry, physics, computers, and computer programming. He can help a student in many many different areas. Ken does both high school and college and does regular, honors, IB, PAP, AP, etc... All that is quite a talent. Ken says that the subject most tutored in the past several months is statistics, and the reason for that is that most teachers use the 'dump' method...they 'dump' a copious quantity of power point files onto the student but the teachers do not really teach how to 'do' the problems...he has seen the same trend with other subject areas, and this is most unfortunate for students taking the, if you need to get on top of your mathematics and science courses (except of biology),... read more

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