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One of the most common requests from my ESL clients is "I want to improve my English pronunciation. I want my accent to sound more (in this case) American." There are practices I recommend to my ESL clients to improve their English pronunciation on their own, and if they wish, to modify their English accent to sound more like a native-English-speaker in this region. Sir Sidney Poitier, known for his role in the movie To Sir with Love and many other movies, faced a similar issue early in his acting career. He wanted to be rid of his Bahamian accent in order to succeed in his acting career (it was a time when diverse accents were well less received.) To do this, he bought a radio, chose a program he liked, and imitated the accent of the host. He did this for 6 months, then audition for a part. That's how he got started in the movie industry. What can we learn from Sidney Poitier? He chose someone who has clear pronunciation. The host was on radio. He had to speak clearly... read more

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