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Area between curves

Sketch the region in the xy-plane defined by the inequalities x − 3y2 ≥ 0, 2 − x − 5|y| ≥ 0 and find its area. If I did it correctly, I have a region defined by x=3y^2, (x-2)/5, -(x-2)/5...


Integration by parts of Erf(x)

I need to integrate from 0-t. I am told to set u= Erf and u'= (2e^-x^2)/pi^1/2.  v' is 1 and v=x. i am also told that the answer is t Erf(t)+ ((e^-t^2)-1)/pi^1/2   how many...


Integration by iteration

Calculate an expression for the int from 1 to e of (ln(x))^k dx in terms of the integral from 1 to e of (ln(x))^k-1 dx. essentially, I need to integrate by parts to get this equality: The...