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MIA to the Blog but for good reasons.

Hello everyone, I've been a bit lagging on blogging, but it's for good reasons. So many of you have been so productive this summer that you have me running circles to keep your lessons in order! It's a lot of work but I love my job. It's so great to see you grow so much in just a few weeks. Remember, not everyone advances at the same pace in every topic but you are unique and must... read more


Need help from an experienced researcher for the Google Science Project?

To ALL Science Students: The Google Science Project is due on April 4th and is open to students around the globe between the ages of 13 through 18. If you are interested in getting help from someone with scientific research experience, email me today. I'll help you refine your project and guide you through every step. Google the "Google Global Science Fair 2011" to... read more


Taking Notes in a Challenging Class

Have you ever been in class and just can't seem to understand what the teacher is talking about? The content seems so abstract to you that you don't even know how to take notes for this. Most of us have been in that situation. However, what we sometimes fail to realize is that we can still be productive learners even though it sounds like the teacher is speaking Martian! I'm going... read more


Why does "carrying" work in addition?

Why does "carrying" work in addition? I've been asked this many times from my most inquisitive students. Grab a pencil and paper and follow me... We'll work on a simple example. If you want to try a more complex example, just post your question to this post. On your piece of paper write this: 35 +47 If you already know how to add this, go ahead and... read more