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Triangles Resources


Pond questions

There grows in the middle of a circular pond 10 ft. in diameter a reed which projects 1 ft. out of the water. When it is drawn down it just reaches the edge of the pond. How deep is the water.


Different Centers in a Triangle

This week in geometry one of my students is learning about the different "centers" in a triangle (orthocenter, circumcenter, incenter, etc), as well as the midsegments theorem and triangle inequalities.  To help him visualize why all of these things are true, I had him cut out an acute triangle, an obtuse triangle, and a right triangle and use these to illustrate the concepts... read more


Right Triangle Congruence

Right Triangle Congruence Isosceles and equilateral triangles aren't the only classifications of triangles with special characteristics. Right triangles are also significant in the study of geometry and, as we will see, we will be able to prove the congruence of right triangles in an efficient way. Before we begin learning this, however, it is important to break down right triangles... read more

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