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First Five Hours

So, I just surpassed the first five hour mark.  Rather easily, I might add.  I was working with a student, getting ready for finals in College Algebra.  He took his final on Friday, so fingers crossed he does well.   Looking forward to more tutoring opportunities through Wyzant.   Don't be afraid to personally message me through Wyzant for tutoring.  It is... read more


Tutoring Special Needs Children

*Tutors of students with Special Needs can best tutor their students by being aware of legal issues that can impact the education of children with Special Needs. Many of these children have documented disabilities, and/or are students entitled to services under Section 504 and various portions of the ADA (American with Disabilities Act). The students'... read more


The proudest and most humbling moment of when your student scores better than you

Test prep is stressful no doubt, and some people need help in getting their minds around all the information they're expected to learn fro the test.   The relationship between a student and a tutor can take multiple tones. Personally I don't like the "traditional relationship" where a student stays politely quiet, and waits for the tutor to "divulge his wisdom"... read more