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How do I know that my child has a learning disability?

In 2013, I did this talk with teachers & parents, to explain very simply the many myths and misconceptions we have about learning difficulties. Come, watch me take you into the world of the child who struggles:


Teachers are the problem when a child does not learn?

         After 30 years of tutoring special education children, I have decided that all problems are mine, not the child's. Thus, I analyze what has already been provided in detail to determine what does and does not work. For example, children have different learning styles that are not rigid, but flexible. Each of us may be good at a tactile sport but not efficient... read more

Behavior Point Sheet

Document 26k

Behavior Point Sheet for reinforcing and supporting positive behavior; Sheet can be adapted to both school and home settings and adjusted...


Certification Verification

  I am a PA Dual Certified Teacher in Secondary Education/Social Studies with a Masters in Education. I am also certified in Special Education. I have 5 years teaching experience in regular, honors, and special education classrooms. Currently, I am working as an Educational Support Coordinator at an alternative high school in Philadelphia, PA.   I am extremely passionate... read more


Expanding my Horizons as an Educator!

I did not commit to a major in education until late this summer. I knew I wanted to help people with disabilities, but it was not until I spent my summer working at the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Charlotte's Camp Holiday that I realized a classroom was where I wanted to be!    I am more interested in Special Education than most other areas, but I love all of it!... read more


Decided to stay in Special Education

I decided to stay in the field of Special Education.  My next class will be in classroom management so here's it begins to get interesting. I'd also love some more experience in Autism and Asperger's syndrome as well. Still holding my A average at Grand Canyon University in Special Education.


How Do I Know If My Child Needs an Educational Therapist?

Who is an Educational Therapist? Children who benefit from combining their visual (perception), listening (or auditory perception) and tactile (fine-motor) abilities to practice, retain and recall for future tasks, usually do well with an professional educator. An educational therapist usually has a Master's in Education or Special Education from a well recognized college or university... read more