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Improve your communication skills in a foreign language

Reminders to improve your communication in the target language: - Pay attention to the facial expressions of the native speakers in order to understand the meaning of their talk. - Identify the key words in the sentences you hear. These are usually content words: verbs and nouns. - Determine by the intonation of the sentences if the speaker is asking or answering... read more


Two recommendations when learning Spanish

  When you learn Spanish there are a couple of recommendations:        1.- Know your English grammar.- Most students have no idea of grammatical functions. When they start studing Spanish and the teacher talks to them about pronouns, direct objects, adverbs and so on; they feel lost and confused. Its hard to understand  how a pronoun works in... read more


Excited to teach and tutor students in Spanish here in the Leland Area!

This is really exciting for me. I fell in love with Spanish in 9th grade, even went on to study Spanish at La Universidad Internacional de Guadalajara, studied business and literature in Spanish at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and continued my Spanish studies at Columbia International University. I pastored at a hispanic church in Columbia, SC. In fact, my first sermons... read more


Summer Tutoring! Adelante!

So the warm months are here and I'm ready to meet students interested in bettering their Spanish.  Are you going to be studying abroad for the coming school year?  Do you want a head start on next year's Spanish courses?  Are you interested in giving the gift of bilingualism to your son or daughter?  Send me a message and let's talk!  No tienen nada que perder, y todo... read more


On Learning Spanish

I've always heard of people who are "naturally adept" at learning another language. You hear about someone who picked up German, Japanese or Spanish in a few months without really studying a language, individuals who just listened and learned without every struggling or working on their language skills. While this sounds good, I've never actually met anyone who learned a second... read more


¡Olé! Helping Students Succeed in Spanish since 2004!

¡Hola!     Do you want to improve your Spanish skills? I've been teaching students just like you for 10 years! I have lots of tips & tricks to help you do your very best in speaking, reading, writing & listening in Spanish! How can I help you do your very best? By finding out about YOU!!       Did you know that people learn in different ways? We... read more


20 Questions

Today one of my Spanish students was learning vocabulary related to personal appearance (hair and eye color, height, etc) and had previously learned professions, so to practice all of this vocabulary, we played a couple rounds of 20 questions. We alternated who was thinking of the person and who was guessing so that she could practice both speaking and listening as well as practice her question... read more

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