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Slope Equation Resources

I have a large word problem using 2 points. I got my slope, but now i have to find my value of B for y=Mx+B. the equation that i tried is not making sense for the answer. can you help?


Slope, Gradient, and Slope Intercept

Slope / Gradient The concept of slope is used in various sections of mathematics and worked with quite often when solving and graphing linear equations. The slope or degree of slant of a line is defined as the degree of steepness or incline of the line. In more mathematical terms, given a plane containing both the x-axis and y-axis, slope can be defined as change in the y-coordinate... read more

The cost of driving a car included both fixed costs and mileage costs.  Assume that it costs 174.20 per month for car insurance and car payments and .29 per mile for gas, oil and repairs. a)...

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