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Developing Study Habits for Math Courses

The majority of the students that I have often have the same problem -- they aren't grasping the information fast enough or they aren't really able to follow the lessons a teacher gives.   Sometimes, teachers aren't adaptive to every learning style for each student in their classroom.  However, know that each student has the capability to learn math on their own.  It is... read more


Quick Tips for New or Aspiring Tutors

Becoming a tutor is a very rewarding experience. If you are interested in beginning a new journey as a person aspiring to touch the lives of students you should practice the following effective techniques.    1-Although you may be extremely knowledgeable and/or passionate about one or two subjects try to become well versed with a few additional subjects; chances are when you... read more


ESL Vocabulary Strategies

ESL Vocabulary Strategies Written by tutor Ekaterina V. A great number of English learners stumble upon the fact that they just don’t know enough words. The strategies I have gathered here will be useful to a learner of English of any level, from complete beginners to those who have been studying the language for a while. A few of these strategies can be easily used daily without... read more


Reading Strategies - Learning Vocabulary

Reading Strategies: Learning Vocabulary Written by tutor Beatriz G. The vocabulary dilemma for ESL learners is a big one. A person who has just arrived in the U.S. needs to gain a working vocabulary to be able to function at the most basic levels: go to the doctor, the store, find the right school for the children, get a driver’s license, and the list goes on. Researchers have... read more


Pronunciation Tips

Pronunciation Tips for ESL learners Written by tutor Pat D. Learning English takes time and effort but the rewards are considerable. With your increased language skills, you can qualify for many more jobs and feel much more comfortable in conversations with your neighbors, co-workers and new American friends. I would like to offer you a few simple suggestions for quickly improving... read more


TIps for Success

Ten things every student and parent should incorporate: Follow and Enforce Healthy Habits Create and Stick to a Routine Create a Launch Pad Designate a Study Space Read, Read, and Read Always be willing to learn Take the Lead Talk Often Show Interest Expect Success and Strive for Success  


Back To School Helpful Tips

Either going back to school or being your first day ever can warrant some anxiety for both students and parents alike. Here are some helpful tips that will make it easier for everyone:   Prepare clothes the night before to avoid rushing and potential tardiness Study test or quiz material in detail the previous night and wake up early (around 30 minutes) and conduct a review... read more

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