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help with kilograms and force

alicia is pushing a box with a mass of 5 kilograms across a floor.  jake is pushing a box with a mass of 10 kilograms across a floor.  how much force will jake have to exert on the box he...


Calculating force

At a building site, an iron girder of mass 400 kg is suspended from a crane by a steel cable. Assume that the cable has a circular cross-section of diameter 24 mm. a.What is the tensile force...



Pendulums Written by tutor John Z. If you have ever been on a swing, you have acted like a pendulum. A pendulum can be loosely defined as something hanging that sways from one extreme to the other (oscillates). You have probably heard of grandfather clocks and oscillatory rides from amusement parks as other examples of pendulums. A metronome is right side up but can be described as a... read more

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