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Economics is a tough subject.  It can be difficult to explain the more esoteric concepts, especially marginal cost.  As I was working with a student today, he had some difficulty understanding how I had arrived at an answer to a problem.  He seemed to have an easier time understanding the concept of average total cost of production, perhaps because of the fact that it is linked... read more

Peter, who is currently working in a job paying him $50000 a year, is considering opening his own clothing store. To do so, he would have to quit his current job and take over a store building that...


Lately I've realized just how stressful economics can be, particularly for students with English as a second or third language. Trying to explain utility and utils to someone a few days ago, all I could think about was my own AP Econ professor, with his southern drawl, and a look he reserved for confused students.  Someone would ask a question. There'd be a pause. Wearing his varsity... read more

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