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Division Resources


Mathematical Journeys: The Unperformed Operation

Come with me on a journey of division. I have here a bag of M&Ms, which you and I and two of your friends want to share equally. I'm going to pour the bag out on the table and split it into four equal piles. For this example, “one bag” is our whole, and the best number to represent that whole would be the number of M&Ms in the bag. Let's say there were 32. If I split those... read more


word problem.

i am a number less than 3000. when u divide me by 32, my remainder is 30 and when you divide me by 58, my remainder is 44? how do i solve?


Division with Decimals

Division with Decimals Another type of division you’ll encounter is division with decimals in both the divisor and the dividend. It might look something like this: In this situation, you move the decimal place the number of spaces in the divisor until the decimal is at the end of the number; you move the decimal the same number of spaces in the dividend: this does NOT necessarily... read more

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