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The Table of Metric Conversions is especially important for the students I tutor in chemistry. Below are some tips or important aspects of the table to keep in mind. The table I have included has common conversions   Prefix          Symbol            Factor   Giga               G                  10^9 Mega              M                  10^6 Kilo                k                   10^3 Base unit        _                   10^0 or 1 Centi              c                   10^-2 Milli      ... read more

  Your Retirement Plan could be an IRA, 401K, 403B, SEP, Keogh or other qualified plan.  These plans will allow you to either deposit an amount from your income and deduct from taxes at year-end or your employer will deduct from your taxable income before taxes are applied. This wealth accumulation program grows tax-deferred and can be invested in many different investment vehicles that satisfy the plan owner.  I recommend mutual funds and/or stocks to give the plan minimum risk and growth. Mutual fund managers work hard to find the companies that will perform the best.  They look for companies that are producing products or services classified as timely ideas with these criteria: high-growth serving high-growth markets with strong leadership positions and companies they feel over the next 12 months have the most upside potential. First, they try to figure out how big the company's market opportunity is and how... read more

Here's some information I shared with a teacher friend of mine, frommmm... I'm not sure where, but it applies to a parent to teacher relationship, as well as a parent to tutor relationship, and even tutor to teacher.  Oh, and the student might get involved in there somewhere, too.   Since parent/teacher face to face meetings are getting more and more difficult, for various reasons, here's an idea of a series of questions that was intended for parents to ask, but could be incentive for weekly notes / newsletters for students to take home to parents to liven up a basic "what are you doing" kind of message. Are there 19 weeks left in the school year? Could this be part of a message on the computer update system now available? I'm just sayin' -- DS PS Then add a list of classroom materials you need on a day to day basis that parents can help provide. The answer to "What can I do to help?" every time. ------------------------------ -- 19... read more

Not all mutual funds are alike.  There are Index Funds that reflex the stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500 or the NASDAQ.  Some seek capital appreciation and are known as growth funds.  Some seek to provide maximum dividends for their customers and are known as growth funds.  Some seek to provide maximum dividends for their customers and are known as income funds.  Then there are those that try to strike a happy medium between growth and income.  Generally, mutual funds can be divided into three classifications according to the types of securities in their portfolios.    Common stocks make up a Common Stock Mutual Fund and may include some bonds and preferred stocks.  Because common stocks follow closely the ups and downs of the stock market, they are best suited for investors who can stay in the mutual fund for five years or longer.   A second classification is the Balanced Fund.  This... read more

In figures: the average earnings bonus for an American who learns German is 3.8%. This means an extra $128,000 in your retirement account. Sounds like spending your spare time with Kafka, Goethe and Heidegger is a real bargain! I'll be there to help you! Read more here

Stocks and Mutual Funds are the primary investment vehicles for Retirement Plans.  Individuals interested in investing in securities may not have the time or mind set to study individual stocks.  A mutual fund maybe the answer to a higher return in their plan for the future.  Everyone should understand the basics of the investments in stocks or mutual funds that compose the growth vehicle of your plan.   Thousands of investors pool their money in a mutual fund that will have professional management.  These experts do the multiple buying and selling of the stocks and bonds in the mutual fund depending on it's Mission Statement.  The buying and selling increases the fees of these mutual funds.  Several research papers have shown that an Index Fund, which tracks a stock Index like a S&P 500 Index have less buying, selling in the fund and lower Portfolio Fees, which help the Index mutual fund out perform many managed funds.   Contact... read more

• Just about everyone now claims to be a photographer. Especially with the technology doing the work and software creating the results. • With that said, this message is intended for both the beginner and customer. • We have all heard the adage: “You get what you pay for.” But, when it comes to wedding photography, sometimes you don’t get what you pay for. Or, you don’t get enough of what you expect. • Beginners tend to allow ego to get in the way of learning and development of (true) skills. When compliments stand in the way of practice, the next opportunity can be costly to both the client and the professional who didn’t get the job, because the beginner was cheaper. • We all have to start somewhere and some, make that most professionals and more experienced photographers either took a class, attended a workshop or had a mentor. I did all three. • This post comes with great respect for those who are sincere in their goal of becoming a professional, not just... read more

In a world inundated with technology and information, it is easy to assume that “everyone knows…or should know (by now).” Surprisingly, there are clusters of people who have resisted the movement and the universal urge to belong to a robotic lifestyle, managing to maintain their bond with “nature.” There was a time when someone had to teach you how to fish and hunt for your next meal or two. You actually had to make your own weapons or gear, get up before the sun and walk/paddle into the wilderness and fish it out of a stream or ocean with your bare hands, rod or net, or hunt with bow and arrow, spear, axe, traps or lures in order to survive. If you didn’t learn, you didn’t eat (as well as the rest). To document these daily rituals, that later became a “sport,” an artist either drew your likeness onto a cave wall, canvass or a photographer had to load film into a camera and “pop” away, in order to immortalize the participants. The art and business of photography is... read more

  Hello Potential Student,   EARN WHILE YOU LEARN: There are many different methods used to invest in the stock market, but there aren’t any guarantees. The market performs the same, but it is different all the time. The index values go up and come down, trends meander all around. The market paradox is it will go up until nobody knows when, if it is correcting it will drop until then. You buy leader stocks and they go from first to last, so you buy them and let them run then sell them fast.     Review my Profile for more information.    

Back in the day, where you wanted to go to college dictated which standardized test you took. Colleges in the midwest generally required the ACT, while those on the coasts wanted the SAT. These days, the score conversions are commonplace enough that most colleges will accept either one. So how do you choose which one to take? Well, there are a few differences to keep in mind. Format Most of the differences between the tests are matters of format. The SAT is comprised of ten sections ranging from 12 to 35 minutes each. The sections alternate between reading comprehension, math, and writing, and the whole test begins with a 25-minute timed essay. One of the ten sections is an “experimental” section, which is not scored as part of your test and is a chance for the test-makers to try out new ideas on a group of students. The ACT, in contrast, is four 75-minute sections, one for each subject. The ACT does not include an essay, but it does include a “science” section... read more

5. When necessary, I use my humor, acting skills, and comedic training to make the sessions more engaging. 4. I turn the tables and make the student/client the teacher/coach: they teach ME how to understand the concept.  If they can teach it, then they truly understand it. :) 3.  I don't continue to repeat the same thing if the student/client doesn't understand.  If the student/client doesn't understand, the problem is often not with the student/client, but with how I am explaining it.  Therefore, I always have multiple ways to explain the same concept.  This makes the lessons fun by ensuring the students/clients do not get discouraged. 2. I ask students/clients what would make the sessions more fun, enjoyable, or useful: 9 times out of 10, they know better than me! 1. I smile, enjoy myself, and have fun teaching!  You'd be surprised how many tutors, teachers, and coaches don't do...

I always find remarks about anything concerning money interesting. A recent poll asked the reasons for tutoring, and one of the responses possible was to "maximize my income". Tutoring, like most aspects of education, isn't about the money. Sure, there are people who make quite a bit of money here, in relative terms. But is there any concern about the product? Many people here are not teachers or trained educators; so, I presume that this is (a) either your primary source of income, or, most likely, (b) you are a full-time employee and this is a second job to pick up additional money. I am also somewhat surprised at the backgrounds of some of the tutors, but that is their business.

Dr. Bob suggests that a basic mathematics course be introduced for nurses and medical professionals on a multi-year schedule in well-defined programs with continuous certification as a continuous program in hospitals and certification programs especially if medical errors occur.   Medication Errors with the Dosing of Insulin: Problems across the Continuum Pa Patient Saf Advis 2010 Mar;7(1):9-17.      ABSTRACT Controlling blood sugars with insulin is essential in the management of hyperglycemia in both diabetic and nondiabetic patients. However, studies have shown that the use of insulin has been associated with more medication errors than any other type or class of drug. From January 2008 to June 6, 2009, Pennsylvania healthcare facilities submitted 2,685 event reports to the Authority that mentioned medication errors involving the use of insulin products. The most common types of medication error associated with insulin... read more

  For those of you who may have purchased Apple's spiffy $79 external CD/DVD burner (or Superdrive as they call it), it may not have worked when you plugged it into your older Mac. A lot of times a person's built-in optical drive fails, and they see the new external at the Apple Store. They naturally grab one assuming it'll work because they'll be using it with a Mac. Hopefully there's a "Genius" selling it to them who's going to ask which Mac they plan on using it with. I'd think probably not. It turns out it's only the fairly newer Macs that support it. When you plug it in, your older Mac might very well inform you that "This Apple External CD/DVD drive is not compatible with this Mac. Please go to Apple Support to read more." What they show you is a compatibility matrix that seems to makes no sense. I haven't compared every spec of every Mac they list, but 2009 seems to be the general cutoff.   Perhaps Apple requires USB... read more

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