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Greetings current and prospective tutees and families!   Today I would like to share with you an optional part of my tutoring services--working with your student's teacher. Since the teacher is the one who works with your student on a daily basis, his or her insight and input regarding students' performance, learning styles, strengths, and weaknesses can be extremely valuable. As a tutor, I would love to be able to work with your student's teacher in order to quickly gain a broader picture of your student's needs and how I can effectively address those needs.   If you are interested in having me work with your student's teacher, let me know. I'd be glad to discuss goals for adding the teacher into the mix in order to maximize our tutoring success!   Happy Learning!   -Sarah J.

It is “common sense” to believe that we share the same sense of commonality amongst all others within society. However, we should never assume what is common to one’s self is necessarily applicable to the entirety of humanity. Each and every individual is independently designed to learn, grow and facilitate thought at his or her own pace to which cannot be labeled as common, but rather should be seen as unique. As unique individuals we must help one another to learn our own common knowledge in order for him or her to flourish. What is not necessarily “common sense” is the understanding that we, as members of society, are responsible for the facilitation of all other’s level of common sense. A powerful way to prevent others from engaging in those behaviors that may irritate ourselves we must educate rather than discriminate and judge. So maybe next time, rather than judging an individual’s faults as a defect of “common sense,” pursue the opportunity as an educator, friend,... read more

Perhaps the most obvious answer to this question I can give is to look at the reaction from a tutor whose student is giving a speech in the language that was the focus of study. I have never been so proud as when witnessing a student who may have not been able to speak any English at all, who after years of hard work is able to sound wonderfully fluent in Chinese.   Of course, we need to earn a living, but this proud feeling certainly makes any thoughts of compensation or career seem so distant. I wonder if the student feels the same way at seeing the fruits of their hard work. I certainly hope so.   I am humbled and inspired by the many dedicated tutors and students on WyzAnt. What a wonderful platform to bring everyone together in the name of learning, growth, and education!

#1: Keep a smile on your face even when u have nothing to be happy about it makes time fly #2: Don't fell leftout because your friends are outside your makeing things better for all of your futures #3: When in doubt contimplate a new idea for fun #4: All the time you do get on the television look for the channels that have to do with your school #5: All the time you spent online is a waste if it isnt productive

Good morning! I am excited to get started in the field of tutoring. I'm a professional educator and I would not want to do anything else. It really is the joy of my life and I think it shows through my love of learning and helping others learn. I believe that education should be fun! If you're not having fun then you're not doing it right!

Every week a colleague and I teach very basic computer skills at a local community center in Harrisburg, PA.   I am astounded as to the amount of computer illiteracy there is in Central PA.  It is almost 2015 and by now, computers have become more affordable and accessible.  The one thing that they have not become is easy to use.  Tables and smart devices have rattled things up when the first usable table entered the market in 2010.  This was the first generation iPad.   In almost 5 years, that influence has continued in the desktop and laptop markets.  People who purchase a smart phone, are forced to use it, or at least, shown to use it by family/friends/grandchildren.  This is a good thing.  All of us can be tutors, passing on knowledge.   That is my goal here at WyzAnt as well as whenever I speak/teach.  I remind people to know things/tasks so well that you can teach others.  This is how people... read more

When is it a good time to look for a tutor?  Some students wait until a big exam comes up, and do lots of cramming at the last minute.  While that strategy may work for some, others may need to take a different approach.    What if you need to take a mathematics or physics course and you know you will have difficulties?  Maybe the course is really advanced or it is not one of your best subjects.  The best approach would be to work with a tutor on a regular basis throughout the semester.  They can help you with any misunderstandings that may come up along the way, and help prevent you from falling behind in the course.  This also ensures that you get the individual attention that you may need.   

It may be mincing words to some, but teaching is different depending on the objective. On the other side of the table, the learner, too, faces a different paradigm given whether he or she is present to learn a general subject, a subject that they must know for a vocation, or to understand concepts missed the first time around. In turn, these three learning objectives fall under the terms instruction, training, and tutoring, respectively. Let me expand on this. Behaviorists have long observed how children serendipitously learn of the world through interaction, mostly in the form of play. As youth develop, they fare better - that is, more efficiently - by learning in the social environment setting of a classroom. There, a structure pinpoints the source of learning in the form of the instructor. Rules are set about discipline and timing, since primary, elementary and secondary students tend to lack the self-direction of adults, and general subjects flow from the source... read more

The best question you can ask yourself with regard to tutoring is: Does tutoring encourage independence in the student, or does it undermine self-reliance by making the student feel as though he/she is incapable of learning?   Parents should consider what is actually going on with their child; is the child really stuck or are they simply in a temporary bind that they will most likely fight their way out of given some time?  If it's possible for a student to find their own way through issues, then tutoring is probably counter productive because it may create a sense of dependency where there previously was none.  If a student is genuinely stuck and needs a boost to help them find their way, then tutoring should be about reaching a point of self-reliance.  Much like parenting, if done correctly, tutors work themselves out of a job.  As parents, our goal is to raise our children in such a manner that eventually we're not needed...such is the... read more

Whether you choose tutoring or taking a class to improve your knowledge of a subject depends on what you want out of the experience.  A classroom environment gives you personal interaction and the accountability of regularly being part of a group devoted to learning a subject.  A personal tutor will still give you that accountability, and you get to set the pace of the course and personalize the content.  The learning is communicative, interactive, and focused on what you need.  Classroom-oriented courses can be convenient and fun, but tutoring offers more flexibility for both the tutor and the student.  Pacing, content and course materials can change, depending on what both people agree on.  If you are looking for a way to to personalize your learning experience, move at your own pace, and choose your own learning content, find a tutor who can work closely with you to advise and help guide you through your learning journey.     I... read more

Here's the thing, your first session is all about setting up a repor with your tutor, so there are a few things you need to keep in mind when attending your first session.   1) Check your email or phone. This will depend on how your tutor has agreed to contact you. You may have already received an email/call/text from your tutor giving you important information about your first meeting. My first meetings come with a survey and information on what to expect from our sessions.   2) Be on time. This is the most important thing. As a tutor we have a very limited amount of time to cover the material you want to cover, so you need to be on time to every meeting that you agree on with your tutor. This shows us that your are serious about you education and our personal relationship.   3) Come with any materials we will need to be familiar with. If your class uses a text book bring that, if there is a work book bring it, if you have class notes bring... read more

The education system, such a complex and convoluted series of practices and hierarchies, where does the student of the 21st century fit? Education now-a-days seems to have a greater goal of higher efficiency compared to student individuality in the class room. With a ballooning population, low teacher salaries, and out dated resources, we are in for a crisis situation in the coming decades with our current system. So many individuals I know that have entered the teaching field with the mind set that they are going to shake things up, and really start to perpetuate a difference, have more often than not been met with stark opposition and resistance. Something that people may find counter-intuitive at best. The education system isn't going to change overnight, that the beauty of incorporating a tutor into a student's life. This gives the student the individual one on one attention that a growing, curious mind deserves. I'm a scientist in my day to day life, holding a BS in Microbiology... read more

This is really exciting for me. I fell in love with Spanish in 9th grade, even went on to study Spanish at La Universidad Internacional de Guadalajara, studied business and literature in Spanish at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and continued my Spanish studies at Columbia International University. I pastored at a hispanic church in Columbia, SC. In fact, my first sermons were in Spanish. And now, I am SO excited to begin the journey of teaching and tutoring students in this incredible language!   My teaching style is unique, I am high energy with an emphasis on what I call connections, effective ways of remembering and connecting the dots.   At the end of the day Spanish is a big puzzle. It's fun to figure it out and put the pieces together!   Looking forward to hopefully tutoring you soon!     Daniel

I love kids and I love learning.  I strongly believe that every student can learn and will learn when provided the necessary tools.  Kids don't  always learn, during school hours, what they need to become successful.  Tutors help bridge the gap between unsuccessful and successful students.  Tutoring provides the the student with the opportunity to receive one on one instruction. It also allows the student a chance to interact with another positive adult role model. Both of these things could make a difference in the life of a student.  I am here to help teach, guide, and mentor students so that they can become successful members of society.

Tutoring to me means helping students understand material and gain confidence using newly acquired skills. Tutoring to me means guiding students through mental roadblocks and better preparing them for the future. Tutoring to me means setting students up for success by making sure they can explain how they got an answer. I fear, however, that for some students tutoring means paying someone to complete an assignment for them. To me that is something else perhaps called 'Cheater-ing' that is the total anti-thesis of what I term Tutoring.

The WyzAny poll recently asked if I'd have internet in tutoring more than one student. I love the idea of teaching multiple students because there is no better feeling than a student gets that look of clarity in their eyes and understands something they were having difficulty with. So when there's more than one student that I can give this moment of clarity to it only gets better. :-D

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