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A lot of students come to me because they are struggling in math or science.  I try to figure out the reason why they are struggling.  Many students will quote the reason they're struggling because of their dislike of the subject.  Majority of these students do not have a strong foundation in their respective subject of need.  I have found that the fastest way for students to learn and catch up is to return to the basics and solidify that, then subjects and topics that come later on will be much easier and more enjoyable.     This is how I was with math.  Up until calculus, I have always hated math.  Then when I came to calculus, I found the subject very enjoyable, however, my mathematical basic foundation was a bit lacking.  In order to further enjoy my future of math, I had to return and build a strong foundation.  This was where Khan Academy and YouTube came into play.  

This blog is primarily for parents and guardians:   Why do I encourage students to attend after school tutoring for two hours every week day?  After all, the student could do a variety of other things during such time-span, right?  Though we live in an era of diversity, busy schedules, and opportunities; wisdom demands a solid focus on the most and more important.   You would not propose to build or buy a family home that has a predetermined weak, unstable, or failing foundation.  Most would take measures such as proactively focusing on, developing, repairing, and verifying the strength of the very layer the rest of the home's structure and future depends.  So much more should we do the same with our children, our future leaders!   My after school tutoring group strives to give these young people the time to filter out all the noise (hobbies, talent building, sports, video games, etc), and establish life skills while... read more

Tutoring lessons don't have to be a chore! Both the tutor and their student should enjoy the learning experience, so here's some advice... Learn from what you know I was fascinated with baseball statistics at a very young age. What made learning math so much fun was that not only could I visualize a batting average, which was simply the sum of hits divided by the sum of at-bats, but I wanted to learn. It's important for tutors to recognize that connecting with students in terms that they understand or even prefer can make a lesson much more enjoyable. Popular science Why count miles to Train Station B when we can calculate miles to Disneyland? Using examples with popular themes can become an entertaining way to learn new concepts. Just make sure you don't get carried away and end up in Disney World! The big reveal Tutoring can become tedious and repetitive if a student becomes stressed, which can have a negative impact... read more

I am always so happy to hear comments from my students and parents about wanting to come visit me!  I love it when my students think that working with me is fun because I try really hard to make whatever we are doing fun.  Recently, it seems that everyone is working on homophones and spelling challenges.  I make games out of it by writing the words on cards and playing "memory" or making up little sayings, like "you hear with your ear."     One of my students who came to me from another tutor shared in a conspiratorial tone, "She wasn't very fun.  You're fun."  If kids don't want to come see you, they won't learn.  If they don't feel safe and cared about, then they can't be open to learning experiences.  Kids don't want to try new things and make mistakes unless they know that you are there to support them in their efforts.   To make attractive studies I use elements of immediate environment. Then the student has to be in practical situations and can retain information learned very soon.I use games, videos, images and objects to help students know vocabulary.Verbs are taught through games. 

I am writing a letter of recommendation for Sharona C. She was my Cantonese teacher that I met in Chinatown in San Francisco, California. She was an excellent teacher! She possessed all the necessary skills and characteristics that I needed in my teacher so that I could study at my best. She never got impatient and she was also willing to repeat herself, a hundred times if necessary for me, so that I would develop a better understanding. She was very encouraging as I was stumbling my way through the Cantonese language. She had energy and was engaging every session, even though most of our sessions were late at night! She was very flexible with my schedule also. I worked various hours throughout the week and she was able to meet with me three times a week despite having to schedule different days every week. Along with being so flexible, she was also very accommodating when it came to finding a location to do our lessons. With my hectic schedule, strange sleeping hours,... read more

Tutoring may be boring at times, but with children, it is essential to make the process fun. Most importantly, the child needs to be engaged in learning and understand what is going on. Without this, tutoring is pointless.   The first tip in tutoring is to not be so serious. The tutor needs to present themselves as friendly, making the child feel comfortable. You may want to make jokes, laugh a little, or just have a smile on your face. This helps the person relate to you and not feel pressured to be perfect. After all, tutoring is seeing the mistakes people make and correcting them. The second tip is to stray from the crowd. Do not do the same things over and over again. People need variety. Variety of problems, examples, explanations, etc. To give a person a well rounded education and knowledge of a subject, you need to cover all of the points. This relates back to keeping the attention of the person. Third, tailoring your lessons to the student is... read more

I enjoy after school tutoring, and love helping growing young people. Students spend approximately two hours a day under my supervision.  One recommendation I have is for the students to bring a snack. This is especially helpful for teens who are coming in right after school.  It is harder for the student to focus if he or she is hungry.  Giving the freedom to eat a little something also helps the student feel more comfortable.

I have been with WyzAnt for a little over a year and I have to appreciate the organization. The administrative staff is competent and I have enjoyed my experience thus far.   In the period I have been tutoring, I have come to appreciate that we are all part of a greater calling. The tutors, the students, the parents, the teachers and every person/piece/detail working together to build a generation.   I have come to appreciate that we all have different learning abilities.  I have always known this, have been a student myself and having siblings, yet I did not fully comprehend this till I started tutoring professionally.    Some students learn faster than others, and vice versa. I find myself having to work with each student at their pace, sometimes I wish that they could pick up faster, but I realize also, there is nothing wrong with their pace, I need to adjust my pace to build them up till they get confident enough to pick up their... read more

I am pretty OCD about how I do things as a tutor. This includes being prepared. This also has got me thinking about what it means to be prepared as a tutor. I believe it involves two things. Those are being prepared physically by having the tools you need, and also knowing what you will cover in each lesson.   I started the concept of a tutoring bag about a year ago. I LOVE IT. It has all sorts of goodies in it from dry erase boards to pencils to graphing paper. I even have things that are outside of the box available just incase I need them. For example, I have simple dollar store games in my bag which often help my students who suffer from attention deficit problems. I never know what I am going to need but it allows me to be unconventional with my tutoring which has been a big asset. Also realistically, as much as we want our students to come prepared, SOMEONE is going to forget something!   I also lesson plan before my lessons. I commended tutors... read more

Typically, I don't follow a set of rules when I go to tutoring; I work based on what the students needs are.  But here are a few things that I have noticed have improved my comfort level with new students and their and heir families comfort level with me.   1.  Find out what activities your student is interested in outside of the subject you're tutoring in.  The parent may mention an activity they do or just ask; this breaks the ice and lets them see you as more than someone to help with homework.   2.  Don't be afraid to be goofy.  Most little kids love silly jokes, middle schoolers will pretend like they don't, but really they do, and high schoolers may laugh right then or giggle to themselves about it later.  Oh, and adults might be a tougher bunch, but tap into their sense of humor a bit.   3.  Make friends with their pets.  A lot of families have pets that will greet you sometime during your meeting... read more

Tutoring with WyzAnt has been a great experience for me. I have had many opportunities to help students improve, which is very rewarding for me. Having the freedom to teach what I am good at and what I know best has made the difference in my experience as a tutor. I have had some great students who are eager to learn and whose improvements make this job worthwhile. The business model of WyzAnt is great and allows for seamless interactions between tutor and student. I have continued to be impressed with their service and attention to detail. I encourage all of my friends to join WyzAnt as tutors because I really haven't come across a service that can match it. I like that when I move back from school, I can take my job with me and pick up new students to teach anywhere I go. Thanks WyzAnt for a great couple of years!

Hello Everyone.  I am new here, and I wish to make a good first impression for my students and their parents. I can't wait to get started, and hope to give the best education I can, and promise it will be one everyone can enjoy while learning the lesson. As for where I will be set up, I have not decided. If anyone has any suggestions for location, please feel free to let me know.   Delano B.

The lesson lasts 60 minutes. The rate is for one student per lesson. Plus a review afterwards, materials, a homework for you, and my support by mail if needed. I am not available on weekends. I offer a discount of 15% for online teaching. If there is more than one student per lesson I can offer a discount of 30% per student. If one of the students cannot attend a lesson the rate stays the same but time reduces. If you want to get more out of your session I can offer you a flipped classroom. In this pedagogical model, the typical lecture and homework elements are reversed: you prepare the topic at home (e.g. by short video lectures that I suggest to you) and we do the homework together, exercises, projects, questions, and discussions.

I have exceptional success with students transferring to MIT and Columbia! The numbers are NOT as daunting as you may think, but you must present your background in a clear and concise way with sincere interest in each college/university.   Call me today so we can discuss your interests and together we will formulate a successful strategy that will help you achieve your dreams!     

I love tutoring. I love working with learners of all ages, and I receive enormous fulfillment when I witness my students improve and gain confidence in topics or subjects that seemed too difficult for them before. One thing that troubles me about tutoring, however, is that some students who really could benefit from one-on-one tutoring do not have access to tutoring because of financial or other barriers. As an individual, I am trying to figure out how I can, at some point in the not-too-distant future, offer discounted or free tutoring to at least one disadvantaged student on a continual basis. In the mean time, I would jump at the chance to participate in a program that offers tutoring access to students whose families either cannot afford private rates or do not know that their student needs tutoring. If I could even just cover my travel and material expenses with a modest stipend, I would definitely give some time each week to this cause until such time I have in place... read more

As stated in my Profile, Teaching is a passion for me, a passion I acquired through my love of leaning. Working with children is more than a career to me, it's a calling. Thus having the opportunity to work with children who are pre- disposed to less exposure to learning opportunities than others, I feel is a privilege and a duty; this would be an opportunity that I'd welcome with an open heart, mind, and arms.

Greetings current and prospective tutees and families!   Today I would like to share with you an optional part of my tutoring services--working with your student's teacher. Since the teacher is the one who works with your student on a daily basis, his or her insight and input regarding students' performance, learning styles, strengths, and weaknesses can be extremely valuable. As a tutor, I would love to be able to work with your student's teacher in order to quickly gain a broader picture of your student's needs and how I can effectively address those needs.   If you are interested in having me work with your student's teacher, let me know. I'd be glad to discuss goals for adding the teacher into the mix in order to maximize our tutoring success!   Happy Learning!   -Sarah J.

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