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New to WyzAnt

Hi, So, obviously I'm new on here and want to hit the ground running.   ...Electrical Engineering student at UTC...   I have tutored students, whether it be classmates, college kids, or adults, since about 6th or 7th grade.  My mother and grandmother are both teachers, and our family jokes that we all walk out of the womb carrying a laser pointer and wearing glasses.   I am super outgoing and willing to go through just about every unorthodox way to teach something so that the student understands it fully.  I have numerous subscriptions to teaching sites that provide me with many different types of tools, worksheets, and methods of teaching. I truly enjoy this sort of 2nd job of mine and hope that I bring a little more enjoyment into students lives. No one like doing or learning difficult things.  If you're reading this chances are you're having a hard time too.  Well, it doesn't have to be that way with me.  I like to bring... read more

Getting Started As A Tutor

Hello All,        I am new to the tutoring community and I can't wait to get started. My fiance and I recently relocated to Georgia, so I am in the process of getting my teacher certification here. I am also applying to graduate school in order to further my education. As a teacher, I love getting to watch concepts click for students. Everyone learns at their own pace, and it is so rewarding to watch a child who has struggled as they grasp a new idea. I look forward to tutoring because I know that one-on-one interactions will allow even more of these moments. Without constant classroom interruptions we will be able to work at whatever pace and level suits the student best. In short, I am just really looking forward to helping students find understanding and confidence in troubling subjects. Please contact me if you need a tutor.  

Tutor for hire!

Hi y'all!   I'm excited about the opportunity to tutor and get support you on the path of knowledge.  I look forward to hearing from you and working with you.   Here's to growing, learning, and bettering ourselves!   Jon

And So Begins a New Season

Welcome,   This digital space will serve as a journal, an archive, and a vat of advice or conclusions from my tutoring experiences. I'm setting out today to begin actively pursuing tutoring opportunities through Wyzant's program, hoping to connect with students in the Decatur, GA area who are searching for some language help.   What to expect in the posts to come: -Successes in lesson planning and activities -Failures (shameful though they may be) -- this may actually end up being the most beneficial of them all. -Tips I've gleaned from my own teaching in the past -Narrative journeys through the lessons and their intricacies   I look forward to collaborating and swapping stories with readers. So by all means, shoot me a message at any time and I'll be happy to talk!   Peace, Eric N.

3 Time Management Tips to Increase Productivity

Unless you are traveling in a spaceship and moving close to the speed of light, time passes at the same rate for everyone. The Earth takes approximately 24 hours to complete one full rotation on its axis, which has resulted in a day being 24 hours long. So why do some people seem to be able to accomplish so much more when we all have the same amount of time in our day? Simply, they have mastered good time management skills. I have summarized 3 Time Management tips that I have condensed from a number of different resources. Hopefully, these will help you finish more tasks and get you closer to accomplishing your goals. 1) Create a Prioritized To-Do List At the beginning of every day, take 15 minutes to consciously decide how you want to spend your time. This is also called making a plan for your day. Write down everything you need to do that day. This list should include steps needed to complete a S.M.A.R.T. goal, tasks or project items for work or school,... read more

Tutoring and this week's Southern California weather (2/24/14 Forecast)

Hello!   To start my first blog post I wanted to say a little something about how much I love tutoring and the weather forecast for Southern California since my main passion is meteorology. Tutoring is something I started in the latter half of college once I started to take upper level math courses. I loved tutoring and wished I had a team of tutors to help me when I was struggling in some of my courses at the time. Sometimes teachers can only do so much or you cannot feel like you can approach them or ask them for questions. Tutors on the other hand are always eager to help students in their studies. It's more than just helping the student, you are creating a brighter future with every student you tutor. Additionally, each time you tutor you feel even better and learn each time you do it. It's both a learning and rewarding experience.   Also, for those that live in Southern California (San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, San Diego, and even... read more

Great Resources I Use All the Time

1. Hyperphysics This website is basically a concept map of every physics topic, and I mean every. It's not a comprehensive guide to all of them, but it provides a basic overview of pretty much everything you could ever want to know about physics. It's not a "Physics for Dummies" site, so if you're struggling, you'll still need a competent tutor. That being said, if you want to look up and equation or definition, or just learn a little more about something your teacher only mentioned, it is the best resource I know.   2. Paul's Online Math Notes This website offers extremely detailed lessons on Algebra, Calculus I, II, and III, and Differential Equations. To be honest, I learned most of what I know about Calculus through Paul, not my professors. I'll even admit that many students can use this in place of a tutor. Paul's teaching style isn't for everyone, though, so many people will still need some extra help.   3. SparkNotes... read more

Tailoring Math Education To Different Learning Styles

Math can be a puzzling and often frustrating subject for students. Some pupils seem to effortlessly pluck A+’s from the heavens, while others grind away to earn average grades at best. Why the discrepancy? Are some brains simply predisposed to math success, while others are hopelessly misaligned? Of course not. If I believed that, I wouldn’t be teaching math. So what’s the deal? Why the blaring gap in math performance? One key factor is learning styles. Despite what your folks might say, people learn in different ways. Some students naturally thrive in standard Prussian style classroom settings; others, however, only truly soar in different environments that are better tailored to their particular strengths. If a student is struggling in math at school, it could be because the standard curriculum is not in sync with his/her learning style. This article will (1) run through the seven learning styles, (2) explain how to identify where students fit on the learning style spectrum,... read more

6 Things To Consider In A Math Tutor

Finding an excellent tutor can make a tremendous impact on a child’s ability to succeed academically. While some kids are able to independently digest in class lectures and textbook explanations, others benefit greatly from an additional system of support. Parsing through the material after school with a guiding hand can fully illuminate subjects that are otherwise difficult to grasp. Translation: with the right set of mentors, all students can develop into confident adults with healthy GPAs. Most parents are well versed in the art of finding a nicely fitting academic institution, but very few are aware of the highly nuanced process for vetting a tutor. Here are six key components that parents should evaluate when searching for a tutor: 1. Experience Tutoring Or Teaching – it goes without saying that experience is critical in any field. It is particularly important in teaching, however, because there are a wide variety of students and respective learning styles. Some... read more

This is normal right? It's not just me? Learning a language for real this time.

Learning a language is a funny thing. Lots of people in the world today learn their second language as a child and that language is (maybe) usually English. Many people in the world are introduced to a new language as children during a period when learning a language is optimal. I am well past this age and I have just now begun to start learning a second language, formally. For what it's worth, I knew a little Japanese before I went to Japan. I could read Kana and maybe a couple hundred kanji, so I wasn't a total newbie. But, this was my first time really learning it for real and being in a country where it is spoken. A few things that I learned about learning a language for real: 1. Frustration and disappointment. I came in this knowing some words and the disappointment I experienced when I could hear NONE of them rained on my parade a bit. The frustration was a bit unbearable in the beginning. I was only in the country for a semester... read more

One size DOES NOT fit all!

Your favorite shoes probably fit you perfectly--and undoubtedly won't fit me!   Teaching and tutoring aren't that different in that regarding.   It is essential that instructors understand that students are unique individuals, with wildly varying levels and methods of learning, attention and passion.   Because of this, we MUST tailor our teaching with this in mind.     In particular, we can utilize a particular area of interest to a student, such as sports, music or theater, and incorporate this into our teaching!   A Little Leaguer might enjoy reading a great deal more if the subject matter is the LA Dodgers (or whatever his/her favorite team is) rather than the Plymouth Pilgrims (I understand their first season was a bit, uh, rocky).   All kidding aside, we must tap into the passions of our students if we want them to be successful.  One size definitely, absolutely, positively DOES NOT fit all.

Tutoring versus Teaching

Some people may think that tutoring and teaching are more or less the same, but the truth is that there are several key differences between the two.    Teachers develop lesson plans that they must teach at a certain pace while accommodating various learning styles. Many times I've heard students say, “my teacher goes too fast” or “I don’t understand the way my teacher explains it”. The truth is, unless the entire class is very confused, there is probably nothing wrong with what the teacher is doing.    The teacher attempts to get the majority of students to understand, but sometimes there are a few that don't. And that’s where tutors come in. Tutors can adjust their style and methods to fit the learning style and pace of a particular student. It is not the tutor's job to teach a student new material, but rather to explain those concepts a student might not have understood when it was thought to them.    Overall, I think... read more

What happens when the challenge becomes more than you thought it was?

I have a wonderful student and the parents are fantastic.   They are very patient with me and understanding, which I appreciate. However the progress of the student is evolving. Certain disabilities have been uncovered that the parents didn't really know she had. This causing me to re-evaluate my teaching on a weekly basis.    This poses an interesting question. What do you do when you hit a block in the road?   I think the most important thing you can do is to communicate with the parents of said child. Often times, we think of tutors and parents as different entities. We don't do that at school though. That's why there are conferences. Parents and teachers work together to give the child the best educational support possible. So why would tutoring be any different?   I constantly work with the parents of my student. When the student is tested, they have a meeting with me. When there are things going on with the school,... read more

Tutors, Masters, Wizards, and Life's Greatest Mysteries

Often times a person who has mastered a topic in their education feels that the time has come to tutor another individual on the subject. Sometimes the act of tutoring is done for a noble reason.  This Wizard-like being has come to grasp a topic so well that he or she would like to help another person, in a sense it has come time for them to give back to society.   This example I think would represent only a small portion of tutors that offer their services to students. I mean, if you think about it, if a person with Wizard-like qualities has mastered advanced physics at the level of which one would expect their tutor to be wouldn't it be fair to wonder, why aren't they out there solving some of life's great mysteries rather than tutoring me?   In my travels I have noted that often times the tutor is simply trying to make ends meet, there is a paycheck involved, they have come to understand a topic and they are willing to share it. Now, don't let... read more

Work sheets and Videos

I believe worksheets are the best way to verify if a student truly understands the material. For the first visit I will not have a worksheet until I gage the students ability in the subject (See blog Lessons). I will come up with problems that a student can work on after explaining the fundamentals. After the first visit, I will bring worksheets with me regardless of the subject and help walk the student through the worksheets until they feel confident enough to do them on their own.   For topics such as math and science where understanding a formula and how its applied is crucial, I will post videos walking through step by step how to solve equations so that when we are not scheduled to meet, a student can still have a way to figure out homework problems from school.

Lesson Plans

I create lessons and lesson plans for each individual. I believe that a more focused lesson plan on an individuals weaknesses and strengths is more effective. I also believe that a plan should be flexible, so if a student has more difficulties with something, it can be tackled directly. This is only applicable for when there are no dead lines (i.e important standardized tests or limited sessions).   In the case of dead lines, I will create a more structured lesson plan. It will begin with testing the student on the subject to gage what they need to learn. After this test (for young children up to grade 6), I will then start with whichever fundamental I deem needed presented by their test. For children and students grade 7 and higher, I will help them come up with a plan to succeed in the time allotted.

Learning from Tutoring

When I started tutoring, I was likely doing it for the same reason a lot of other tutors work at helping students. I needed to earn income. But as I began to tutor, suddenly it was no longer about the money, but rather the honest joy of helping my variety of students - adults and special needs children. I watched the way they would change from lacking confidence and believing they could not learn to becoming comfortable with their subjects and feeling good about themselves. I think I learned a lot along the way myself because I began to understand what the inability to read and understand what you have read, or the inability to get work done that you feel good about creates a lot of insecurity. Math was one of my weaker subjects, not bad, but not great either. For some reason, I decided that I could teach elementary math. Once I started tutoring in math, I discovered that by focusing on the needs of the student with the math instead of worrying about my own insecurities, I... read more

New Year, New Life

I recently moved to Phoenix from Georgia where I have lived my entire life! Pretty scary. I'm in the process of getting my teaching certificate transferred, and I really miss teaching! I love working with students one-on-one. I feel we don't get to do this enough in the classroom. I really think tutoring is the route for me. Even if a teaching position becomes available, I still want to be able to work with students individually. I'm very excited to start this new chapter of my life and CANNOT wait until I can begin working with students.

Winter Break for Students

The holidays are an exciting time of year!   However, when the calendar turns, we're all expected to be ready to procede with classes, schoolwork, and early mornings!   If there are any academic areas that you KNOW you need assistance with, be sure to create an action plan during the winter break that you will benefit from and put to use when our calendars read the month of JANUARY.     ** Some of the questions you should be asking yourself and others around you:   - How can I better balance studies with everything else that is going on, day to day? - Am I reaching out for extra help with my teachers and tutors in the areas that I know I need more guidance? - What after-school and personal activities will benefit me the most in the months ahead? - How can I make better use of my time at home during the school weeks to better prepare for tests and quizzes? - Am I ready for the various standardized tests that my... read more

Tutoring Background and Philosophy

Q: How long have you been tutoring? I have been tutoring regularly since 2010. I worked at a tutoring business from December 2010 through December 2012, and I started tutoring independently in January 2013. My teaching experience also includes serving as a teaching assistant at UT for a semester. Q: What is your educational background? I have a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering, and I am currently in graduate school studying Computational Science and Engineering Q: In which subjects do you specialize? I do most of my tutoring in math and physics. I also have some experience teaching chemistry and programming. My favorite subjects are calculus and calculus-based physics! Q: What is your teaching philosophy? My goal as a tutor is to get students to appreciate math and physics. If they go in with the wrong mindset, students often see math and physics as memorizing long lists of equations handed down from the teacher,... read more

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