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How I Mastered the Endocrine System in 2 Weeks

One summer I was ambitious and signed up for a condensed Anatomy & Physiology II course.  Having just completed Anatomy & Physiology I and Microbiology during the spring semester, I thought just taking one college course over the summer would be a piece of cake.  How wrong I was!  Learning the major systems of the human body in a full 16 week semester can be challenging for most students.  Fortunately, our professor believed in assigning essay styled lab reports.  Writing about new and more complex topics is challenging!   A few weeks into the condensed summer session I realized I would not achieve the A I wanted in A & P II without a full commitment to spend every waking moment studying.  My professor made it clear to the class that he was not going to grade us any easier just because we chose to take the 'short course.'  I vividly recall him announcing during lecture that the endocrine system was probably the... read more

How To Prepare For Back To School In Minutes A Day

For students who want to prepare to go back to school but only have a few minutes to spare each day, I would suggest making a plan. For younger students, a parent can organize a set plan for which subject to review each day of the week. For instance Monday: 15 minutes of Reading Comprehension Tuesday: 15 minutes of Math facts Wednesday: 15 minutes journal writing etc. If a student struggles in a particular subject more time should be spent in this area. Every little bit helps. 15 minutes of reading a day is better than nothing. As well it is important to remember that reading is reading regardless of the medium. Reading a comic book still counts as reading. Allow students to read what they enjoy. For older students I would even suggest unofficially quizzing yourself/summarizing what you have learned each day. For math, search online and find fun puzzles or math games online. All in all make it fun and it won't feel like a chore. 

School's Out for the Summer

The summer has its fair share of distractions: beaches, barbecues, sunny days and getaways. And all the while August beckons, the season marches on, slowly slips away and school approaches. With such distractions, difficult many students find it to focus on the long year ahead; and if any of them are as I was, the school year is a thought best left to the week before that deceptively distant day. So how, now, to avoid getting tripped up at the beginning of the year and instead hit the ground running without selling summer short? I say it begins at the end of the previous school year. Those May days can drag on toward the end, even more so in June if final exams are studied for and taken. Use those hours spent cleaning out lockers and book bags to begin taking stock of what you have, what you need, and what you want next year while your thoughts are fresh. As much as we all, when that final bell rings, want to drop everything and dash home singing "School's Out for the... read more

Back-To-School Smart Tips

Back-to-School Smart Tips It’s FINALLY almost time for school again, and I know a lot of you are excited (I know I am!), but there some excellent pointers to keep in mind as school starts back up again. Before school starts: 1. Get a really good planner you like. Most students aren’t accustomed to using planners or don’t keep up with it. Planners, whether you know it or not, are just as important, if not more important than binders and pencils. I know that all through middle school, high school, and college, I would have been completely lost without my planner. Planners are EXCELLENT for writing down quiz dates, test dates, homework, and after-school activities. Some schools will sell planners and those can be excellent, but I also recommend looking around at Office Depot, Barnes and Noble, or Wal-Mart/Target for other general planners that organize by time and day. Weekly planners typically do not work well for people with full schedules, so try to stay away from... read more

Summer Slump?

1. Obtain a library card. If you are an adolescent or a teenager, you night like authors such as: Walter Dean Myers, Sharon Draper, Sharon Flake, Angela Johnson, Sarah Dessen, John Green, etc. I also recommend Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and The Face on The Milk Carton by Caroline b. Cooney.  2. If you are a high school student, and you have online access, read, The Advocate, The New Orleans Tribune, The Lens, etc. 3. Visit a museum: The Ogden Museum, New Orleans Museum if Art, the D Day Museum, the African American Museum in Destrehan, etc. 4. Buy comic books or magazines & look up any new words you come across. 5. Play Scrabble. 6. Complete crossword puzzles! 7. Record your thoughts in a journal or diary.

Homeschooling Your Children? Need Help? Fun Writing Lessons...

If you are homeschooling your children, as you know, this can be overwhelming sometimes. I can help design lessons in writing, English, grammar, public speaking, research and related areas. For first-time clients, I will be flexible with my rate. Review my profile at WyzAnt and let me know what questions you have - would love to help! Good teaching, Tim N.

Summer Tutoring

SUMMER OPPORTUNITIES Now that students, teachers, parents and tutors have had a chance to catch their breath from final exams, it's time to make use of the weeks we have before school starts back. Consider all that could be accomplished in the next few weeks: Areas of math that students NEVER REALLY GRASPED could be fully explained. This could be elementary skills like adding fractions, middle school topics like systems of equations, or high school areas like sequences and series. Students could have a TREMENDOUS HEAD STARTon topics that will be covered in the first few weeks of school. Imagine your son or daughter being able to raise their hand to answer a question in the first week of school because they had worked several problems just like the ones that the teacher is demonstrating. ENORMOUS PROGRESS could be made in the area of preparation for the standardized tests (PSAT, SAT, ACT and more) that are so important to getting into a great college. STUDY... read more

Spanish, French, English, Language Arts and Test Preparation Tutor. Contact me today to schedule a lesson!

Hello! Thank you for visiting my site! I have 8 years of language teaching experience. I taught for 7 years at Princeton University and 1 year at the University of Notre Dame. It is truly a joy for me to help people reach their academic and personal goals. Please contact me as soon as possible to inquire about scheduling a tutoring session with me. I specialize in language arts, particularly Spanish, French, and English. I also have experience tutoring people of all ages, and helping them prepare for standardized tests. I look forward to hearing from you soon! Best regards, Valerie

Helping Kids Become Lifelong Readers

If you had asked my middle school students to describe our class routines, you might have thought I was their English teacher, not Social Studies. As a teacher and tutor, I’ve tried to pass on a legacy for the love of reading to my students. I often tell them, “If you can read, you can teach yourself anything.” In this article, I will give you some tips on how to get your children to read more, and more often. It’s Not Magic! Occasionally, parents visited my classroom to ask, “How do you do it?” They were usually referring to the success of my Friday Silent Reading routine. Each fall, I explained the importance of literacy to my students and said that practice is best way to improve reading skills. I told them that I expected them to bring a book of their choice to class every day, to read it if they finished all the day’s scheduled activities I’d given them, and that the first 20 minutes of class every Friday was reserved for sustained silent reading. Parents... read more

School’s Out! School’s Out! Now what?

Unless you or your child attends a year – round school, summer vacation begins sometime in the next week or so. College students have read more pages than they thought humanly possible, taken many exams, written research papers, and stayed up way too late over the past 10 months. Parents of school – aged children have helped with homework, gone to parent/ teacher conferences, E-mailed teachers, and maybe volunteered for one activity too many. This article will help you understand the importance of continuing your/ your child’s learning over the summer and lists several suggestions on how to make the fall back - to - school transition much easier! Suffer No Setbacks Educational researchers agree that students need to continue their education over the summer or they stand to lose up to three (3) months worth of the previous year’s learning. Think about that for a minute. It’s like going to class from March to May for no reason! Unless you keep learning over the summer,... read more

Is Summer School for You?

May is a busy month for schools. Standardized tests, field trips, and graduation planning takes center stage. Teachers meet with parents of struggling students as well as those who would benefit from summer enrichment classes to discuss summer school enrollment. This article will help parents/ guardians decide whether or not to enroll their child(ren) in summer school. A "Bad Rap" The words “summer school” tend to stir negative thoughts. Many parents and students falsely believe that going to summer school is a bad thing. Some cite teasing as a reason for not sending their child to summer school. Others think that their child will become overwhelmed without a summer break. In truth, research has shown that students who do not participate in any school – related activities during a two – month summer break can lose up to three months of the previous year’s learning! Teachers always include nearly a month’s worth of “re-teaching” (reviewing the previous... read more

Special needs tutoring available with individual who has a master's degree in special education as well as employment history

Please review my profile credentials to see if I am a candidate for your tutoring needs. With both a master's degree in special education and several years of hands on experience in a variety of work environments, my education and experience make me a flexible individual who is readily available to discuss your tutoring needs. I enjoy working with individuals of all ages, and have consistently had a tremendous rapport with all age groups. Please advise me if you feel that I am the right person to assist you. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Deb R.

Scheduling Your First Semesters at College

Many high school seniors are starting to think about their freshmen year of college. Some may have already been accepted and are already thinking about their summer visit and freshmen orientation. In their excitement, they may be forgetting the most important part of the visit, filling out their fall schedules. This article gives you five tips to remember when making your fall schedule this summer. 1. Know Yourself. Most college orientation programs include a graphic demonstration of how many of you won’t be back for a second semester. I remember the demonstration at my orientation. Freshmen attended a mandatory convocation in the arena where one college counselor pointed out that one-third to one-half of us wouldn’t be back due to poor grades. Then, he asked several sections – a thousand or so of us – to stand saying that was 1/3 of us. This many students wouldn’t be back. Several more sections stood and he added that this represented the number that would be on academic... read more

Is “Brain Drain” Real?

There is plenty of research about the “summer brain drain” – a reference to the amount of learning that children lose during their summer breaks. Some researchers believe students can lose as much as three months worth of last year’s learning over the summer. Several reasons are cited for this; one of them is the absence of regular reviews of material to reinforce what’s been learned. This article summarizes the “brain drain” phenomenon and how educators, parents, and families can help prevent this from happening. “Summer Brain Drain” Educational researchers have studied the “summer brain drain” phenomenon for years. Most of this research is related to the psychology of memory, forgetting, and biopsychology. There are many causes of “forgetting”, including something as simple as walking through a (virtual or real) doorway. (For an article on the “doorway forgetting effect”, see Dr. Ira E. Hyman Jr’s. article titled “Doorways Cause Forgetting: What did I come here for... read more

Keeping the Summer Gumption...

Because I've been teaching since I graduated from college, the summer months have always been fairly open while the school months are tightly packed, woven, and seamed-in. So my first motivating factor is that I have time! Because I tend to get lost, get bored, or just plain procrastinate when there is no plan, the second way I stay geared-up is by making lists of projects: those that I've been needing to finish, those that I've been meaning to finish, and those that I've been longing to finish. Some examples: helping to plan a family member's wedding, sewing a quilt for a new niece, working on the house, and always (by grace), reading and writing. In terms of finishing things, I set daily and weekly goals for myself. My planner is one of my closest friends. Though many of the tasks on my list are intrinsically motivating, some are not. I don't, for instance, love to clean my car. So I remember why I want to finish them or who I want to finish them for. Having a purpose... read more

Summer Tutoring

Teachers know it takes nearly three months in the fall for students to catch up to their level of the previous spring.  After just four to eight weeks of summer tutoring, your child can have an academic advantage.  When a student feels prepared and confident, it greatly reduces the stress of beginning the new school year.  An "I can do it!" attitude is important for a child's self esteem and will affect his level of motivation and perseverance all year long. This is just as important for average and above average learners as it is for struggling learners.   My schedule is very flexible.  Contact me to request the best day and time for you!

New Lessons Offered

I am now offering Regular Lessons for Reading, for Writing, for Reasoning, and for Study Skills. These Lessons are available for students at all levels through College. Before beginning lessons, each student will receive an initial assessment to determine his or her level before beginning lessons. Each lesson will be one-on-one and will be geared directly to that student and his or her development. Reading lessons will include word formation, phonics, pronunciation, vocabulary, spelling, speech-reading, speed, comprehension, and recall skills. Writing lessons will include penmanship, word formation, vocabulary, spelling, essay formats, poetry, fiction formats, structure, and grammar. Reasoning lessons will include deductive logic, inductive logic, math reasoning, science reasoning, memory skills, and pattern thinking. Study Skills lessons will include a little each of Reading, Writing, and Reasoning, in addition to Organization, Notetaking, and Memorization—the purpose... read more

Most Important: Customizing the tutoring and approach to the student's learning style, needs, learning objectives, questions.

Recently, after I tutored two of my favorite students to prepare them for upcoming tests in Pre-Algebra and Geometry respectively, I received positive reinforcement for the importance and value of customizing the tutoring approach, information, knowledge transfer, and tutoring style. After the first tutoring session, I was approached by three people as I was waiting for my next student: 1. An elementary school teacher – she complemented me on my knowledge and tutoring style, and asked me for my information to refer students to me for tutoring. 2. A parent seeking a tutor for their daughter – he complimented me on my tutoring style, my patience, and my problem solving ability, He said, “I saw how you tutored him and I want you to tutor my daughter the same way” He booked a tutoring session for the next day. 3. An adult student preparing for a standardized test – she worked at the café, came over and said that she saw me tutoring the student and saw how he was excited... read more

SPED and Regular Education K-12

I am so excited that I found WyzAnt!! It has been wonderful! I have met so many new people and love helping work with my students to see them advance! I worked in the public schools for 7 years and loved every minute of it when I had my SPED Resource Room for Learning Disabled, Dyslexic, and ADD/ADHD students. I got to see so many young people better themselves and get passed that learning barrier to advance and become great students that even went on to college. That is what I am about!! I want my students to have the best opportunities that are out there! Just because your child may need a tutor, that does not mean that they will not surpass your ideas or their ideas for their future!! I have very HIGH expectations for my students and love to challenge them to surpass those goals to go on to new heights. Looking forward to working with more students! WyzAnt is terrific!


SOH CAH TOA When working with Right Triangles in any Math and Science subject, especially Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Chemistry, and Physics, many problems can be solved by remembering this Memory Jogger: Indian Chief SOH CAH TOA (sounds like soow caah towaah) Angle = A Sine A = Opposite/Hypotenuse Cosine A = Adjacent/Hypotenuse Tangent A = Opposite/Adjacent You can use these formulas to calculate and find missing angles or sides to solve various problems. Please contact me to help your student achieve the best grades possible in Math and Science. As a Chemical Engineer, I work on Math and Science problems all day, and tutor students in Math and Science in the evenings and weekends, including students from Elementary School to College Graduate School. I help students learn to see how Math and Science can be fun and useful in daily life, school, and career choices. All the best, John M.

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