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Guess what!   I will be graduating in May of this year!!     

Mastering Difficult Subjects in High School

One of the toughest parts of high school, for me, was trying to get through challenging subjects in high school. Here's my top five tips for those of you who are struggling in a class, regardless of subject:   1) Find a tutor How could I possibly make a list like this without promoting myself, as well? Find a peer who is not only talented in the subject, but is also willing to help you. Having someone your own age instruct you on a topic is easier to relate to.   2) Attend Class Don't skip class if a subject is challenging. Buckle down and be in class if you want to succeed.   3) Participate in Class Of course, if you attend class and zone out the entire time, the benefits of actually going dwindle significantly. Ask questions, complete homework, and participate in class discussions to get the most out of your time in school.   4) Refuse to Fail Speak with your teacher before or after class to get extra help and to... read more

How Does One Master What They Do?

As I think about how my own passion for my practice became an art form, I also begin to explore what I consider to be my mastery, as posed by this question by WyzAnt: How did you master a subject or concept that challenged you in school?   I then thought about why I like art. I believe art is limitless because it is freeing, it allows us not to think in binaries but to put it in a large grey scale. It allows us to put into perspective something that we have discovered to be a passion or interest greater than what we have known it to be before provoking it.   I went into school believing that I found what I was interested couldn't be found in it. It's true. I discovered I loved poetry. I loved conceptual writing, which is a little like weird internet poetry but more directed towards looking at writing as an art. In other words, writing that in itself can indicate a relation with something else outside of it. For example, the font, weight, colors... read more

Returning to school

I decided to go back to school this year to earn my math endorsement.  I feel that I need to take this, not only to better myself, but to be a better teacher to my students.  Math has always scared me, and I hope that by learning how to teach children better, I will also be able to teach them not to be afraid of it!   It's been a challenge, being away from my son in the evenings, but in the long run, it will be worth it.  

Preparing for school!

Preparing to go back to school: Make a list of basic supplies you would need A few weeks into school you may need a specific item for some teachers Get your circadian rhythm in order! (Meaning: wake up on school time for about 2-3 days before school actually starts!) Set your alarm clock the night before or even the day before. If you get your backpack and clothes ready the night before, you can use the extra time you have for something fun.

What is the difference between a Psychologist, a Psychiatrist, a Psychotherapist, and a School Psychologist?

Psychologists have a doctoral degree in psychology (Psy.D. or Ph.D.) and are professionally trained to assess, diagnose and treat mental health issues. They have advanced training in counseling, psychotherapy, psychological testing, and the science of behavior change. Psychologists are the only professionals qualified to use certain kinds of psychological tests to assess intelligence, emotional and behavioral problems, and neuropsychological dysfunction. In addition to this degree, he or she must pass professional state examinations, complete one-year of supervised postdoctoral clinical work, and agree to follow ethical codes and standards of practice.   Psychiatrists obtain a degree in medicine (M.D.) and then take at least 4 years of specialized residency training in psychiatry, which generally refers to the study, assessment, and treatment of emotional and behavioral problems. Their treatment of choice is most often pharmacotherapy (medication), often augmented... read more

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